Top Captcha Entry jobs

Top Captcha Entry Jobs

If you plan to start earning through online without investment, there are many opportunities to earn in the internet. Captcha Entry Job is one among the work from home jobs without investment.
Even though this is a minimum paying job, you can earn $ 200 to 400 if your typing speed is 30+ words per minute.

Here are the Top 6 Captcha entry job sites.

1. Kolotibablo
Kolotibablo is one of the top captcha entry job providers. They have got millions of users with them. There is no registration fee for joining. Once you sign up, they will provide the captcha entry jobs. They are paying 0.4$ to 1$ per 1000 captcha solving. Your account will be deactivated if you do more than 3 mistakes for every 1000 captcha solving.
Payment Details:
Minimum Payout: $1

Payment options: Paypal, Bitcoin
2. Mega Typers

Mega Typers is another top captcha entry job provider. In Mega Typers also you can join free. They are paying $1 per 1000 captcha solving. This site is suitable for house wives and students. You can earn 10$ per day if you type fast. Their payment will differ based on the server time. For joining this site, you need invitation code.
Payment Details

Minimum Payout: 3$ – 100$
Payment Options: Bank Cheques, Debit card, Paypal, Western Union, Bitcoin
3. 2Captcha

This is a genuine captcha website. 2 captcha is paying 1USD for 1000 captcha to be solved. The loading time between one captcha to another captcha is 10 sec. This is also a registration free website. Once you registered successfully you can start work.
Payment Details:
Minimum Payout: 5USD

Payment options: Paypal, Payza, WebMoney, Bitcoin
4. ProTypers

ProTypers is another popular captcha entry site. This is same as Megatyper. Both are legitimate site for captcha entry work even though their payment is low but they will pay. They will allot 15 seconds for every captcha. If you will take longer than 15 seconds you will be rejected. The payment for every 1000 captcha entry is 0.45$ to 1.5$.
Payment Details:

Minimum Payout: PayPal: $3, Western Union for 100USD
Payment Option: Paypal, debit cards, Bitcoin
5. Captcha Typers

Captcha typers is a legitimate website for captcha entry jobs. Their payment for 1000 captcha entries is divided into two time slot. One is 9 am to 9 pm and another one is 9pm to 9am. If you work in the second time slot 9 pm to 9 am you can earn double the amount. Also, they are paying for friends referred.
Payment Details:

Minimum Payout: $2 to $5
Payment option: Webmoney, Payza
6. Freelancer .com

Freelancer website is suitable for all type of online works. They are also posting captcha entry works. This is also registration free website and trustable website. First you need to register and mention captcha entry work at skills area section. The payment will vary every jobs post. So you have to choose whatever the best.
Payment Details:

Minimum Payout: 30 USD
Payment Option: Paypal

Tips to Earn more money in Captcha entry Jobs:

1. By registering mulitiple legitimate captcha entry websites you have the more chances to earn money
2. Try to solve every captha in few seconds. If you take longer than mentioned time to solve one captcha you can banned.


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