Top 8 ways to make money on Amazon

If we decided to earn money, there are lots and lots of legal ways around you. I am trying to list the best and work from home jobs through my blog. We all are heard and using Amazon to buy the products. But do you know? You can also earn the money through Amazon? Yes.  There are lots of opportunities in Amazon to earn money. I will discuss some of the familiar methods to earn money on Amazon.

How to make money on Amazon?

  1. Selling products on Amazon through FBA
  2. As an Amazon affiliate
  3. Fulfillment/Warehouse Associate
  4. Sell your design with Amazon Merch
  5. Write and Sell the books on Amazon
  6. Join Mechanical Trunk and earn
  7. Apply To Handmade items
  8. Selling Serviceshow to make money in amazon

1. Selling products on Amazon through FBA

This is the first best option for earning money through Amazon. For selling the product on Amazon you no need will a manufacturer . You can do this work from your home. You can sell the products in two ways.

  1. Get the product from wholesale and sell it Amazon
  2. Sell private label product via Amazon

    1. Get the product from wholesale and sell via Amazon

    You can choose the profitable products for sale on Amazon and buy it from wholesale and sell them at retail prices. For small size business, you can do, get the products from wholesale and sell it via Amazon.  Even though there is huge competition still you can earn good money on this. You can deliver the products using Amazon FBA or Easy ship or self-ship. For all this, you first need to know  how to sell the products on Amazon

    2. Sell private label product via Amazon

    You can sell your own products. You can ship your product by yourself or using Amazon service like Amazon Fulfillment or Easy ship method.

    I am showing here the difference between the two selling methods

    Difference between selling Retail Arbitrage and Private labelled products on Amazon

    Retail arbitrage: First you have to buy the product at fewer amounts from somewhere and sell with Amazon in a high amount

    Private Labelled Product: In this, you are the owner of the product. So you can decide the selling amount

    Retail Arbitrage: There is a huge competition.

    Private labelled product: Less Competition

    Retail Arbitrage:

    You don’t have full control over the product.

    Private labelled Product: You will have full control of your product. You can get the details about how to sell the product on Amazon.

2. As an Amazon affiliate

Amazon affiliate is an affiliate marketing program. It is the another best work from home job. If you have a website or blogs you can promote their products by displaying product’s links or a banner on your pages. If someone buys products from your link you will get a referral fee. To create an affiliate account you no need to pay. It’s totally free.

How much I can make money in Amazon affiliates

As I told earlier that every product sold by using your link, you will get a commission. Some of the blogger earning 500$ to 2000$. All depend on how much traffic your blog or website has and how the sale is generating from your website.

3. Amazon fulfillment warehouse Associate

First, you need to know what is Amazon fulfillment.  Amazon fulfillment is the process which involves pick, pack and deliver the product to the customer.  So you are just selling your item through Amazon. Amazon will take care of the products to deliver and handles all the quires until the final reach of the product.

Now you know about Amazon fulfillment. Every day Amazon is opening their fulfillment center to store their products.  This place is called Amazon fulfillment warehouse.  It has a job opening for lifting product boxes, operating dollies and so on.

They are paying based on location. To know job opportunities about Amazon fulfillment warehouse Associate

4. Sell your design with Amazon Merch

Amazon merch allows you to sell your design to the customer. I will explain a little bit clearer. If you are a good designer you will create a design for amazon T-shirts and upload it on Amazon Merch. You can choose the t-shirt color and size. So what you need is, just create a design and upload it to the amazon merch and write some description of your design. You can do all this work from your home. Once you uploaded your design it started to listing in amazon website for customer purchase. Next Amazon will take care of printing the designs in the t-shirts and shipment. You will get the payment whenever your design on the t-shirt is selling.

You can apply to join Amazon Merch

5. Self publish an ebook at amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle allows the writer to publish their writings and make a profit from that. Lots of bloggers are selling their blogs as a book. If you are a blogger or you are freelancer writing then you can sell your writing through amazon kindle. You no need to write separately.

To join amazon kindle

6. Join Mechanical Trunk and earn

The mechanical trunk is one of Amazon program where the Amazon post their small jobs and pay for jobs done. The small job includes data collection, participating surveys, data validation, and research and so on. They are paying task basis.  You can’t earn a huge amount. But you can earn a reasonable amount by spending your free time in the mechanical trunk. To check more details about the mechanical trunk and start work on the mechanical trunk visit the following page.

To Join mechanical Trunk

7. Apply to Handmade Item and earn

Amazon is providing the option to sale handmade item separately. You can sell your own handcrafted, handmade jewels, bags and so on. It is free to join. You need to join and list your handmade items for selling. Amazon will take some percentage as a referral commission.

To Join Amazon Handmade

8. Selling Services

You can sell your services to the Amazon customer through amazon selling service app.  Like Assembler, housecleaner, electrical work, plumbing and so on. Using a selling service app you can watch every job and choose the job which is matching for you.

To know more about Amazon selling Services

My Final Thought

There are more opportunities around you to earn. So you need to explore the opportunities and utilize them. In Amazon, we can earn Good money using selling products and Amazon affiliate; through remaining,  we can some reasonable money.

All The Best!

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