Top 10 Part time jobs for College Students


Everyone wants money to lead a comfortable life.  There is no age limit and time for earning as long as one is interested and ready to put efforts.  You can start earning from your college days itself without any investment. I have listed out the best part time online jobs for students here.

  1. Ad posting job
  2. Online Data entry jobs
  3. Online Survey job
  4. Content writer
  5. Blogging
  6. Transcriptionist
  7. Crafting
  8. Social media manager
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Video posting job

1.  Ad posting job

The actual work of ad posting job is placing the ads in different classified sites. There are a lot of ad-posting jobs providers. You can register on their site and start earning. For more details about what is an ad-posting job and how it works.

Top Ad posting jobs sites to earn Money


2. Online data entry job

Every day there are umpteen numbers of jobs available for data entry online. Data entry is an essential one in the field of insurance, banking, product based companies and websites. They are hiring part time and full time for data entry work every day. If you know good typing speed you can earn more money in data entry work.

Top seven data entry jobs sites

3. Online survey jobs

This is an easy part time job for college students. You can earn simply filling survey forms every day without investment. You can earn USD 0.50 to 5 per survey and more than USD 300 per month. Learn more about online survey jobs

Top Genuine online survey job sites

4. Content writing job

Content writing job is a familiar one in the online jobs. You can earn up to USD 1000 per month. You can work as an SEO writer, article writer and a blogger. If your English is good, you will be a top earning person. To know more details about content writing job and job providing sites.

5. Blogging

Blogging is again one of the best ways to earn significant amount of money that too spending less time. For blogging you need to know a little bit of wordpress software. Before you start a blog, you have to choose your favorite and familiar topics first. Do research about the topics, which you would like to take. Most of the people are doing blogging as a full time job and earning USD 10,000 per month. If your blog has more visitors, then you can earn more money. So why are you waiting? Start today itself. First know about how to create blog.

6. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist is also a good part time job for college students. The actual work of Transcriptionist is converting audio files into text format. To work as a transcriptionist, you need to have good typing and English skills. Transcription jobs are available in the industry of medical, legal and general. Many websites are providing transcription work. You will be paid by per hour or based on project you are selecting. Basically they are paying USD 10 to 25 per hour for transcription work.

Top 5 Transcription job sites

1. TranscribeMe
2. SpeakWrite
5. upwork

7. Crafting

If you interested in crafting you can do crafting and sell this online and make money. Crafting involves creating variety of ear rings, bags, stationeries, beauty items, pet carts and so on. You can sell your craft items through the following websites.

1. Amazon
2. Flipcart
3. Snapdeal

8. Social Media Manager

We know everybody uses social media. We are very much interested in using social media for information or time pass. You can earn money through social media means who won’t want it?

First let me explain what is social media Manager? It is nothing but managing social media account of a particular company. It involves advertising the company’s brands through social media, posting content related the product and monitoring. You can earn USD 4000 per month by working as a social Media Manager.

Top 5 Social Media Manager Jobs sites

1. upwork

4. fiverr
5. linkedin

9. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is an important job online. To become a graphic designer, you need to learn Photoshop. There are a lot of people, who earn good money through graphic designing. If you are a good designer, you can get more and more jobs every day.

Top 5 Graphic Designer jobs providers

1. Dribbble
5. Fiverr

10.Posting videos in youtube

Nowadays most of the people like to see videos for every doubt. For example if I want to know how to prepare tea, you would go search the videos. You can earn through posting videos in youtube. For that you have to create the channel first and then take the videos of your interest or sensitive videos and post it. If your video attracts more subscribers and viewers, you will get paid well.

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