The 10 Most Essential Front End Development Tools

Starting your career as a Front-End Developer you must know some basic things. That is, what is front end Languages? And what are the most essential front end development tools? Front end development tools are the software that is used to develop and test the websites. There is lots of software available for front end development. You must choose the right and easy one. So I decided to write this post.

essential front end development tools

The 10 Most Essential Front End Development Tools

  1. Text Editor
  2. HTML5 Boilerplate
  3. Twitter Boostrap
  4. Javascript, Jquery
  5. Angular Js
  6. Less
  7. Github
  8. Chrome Web Developer tools
  9. Fire fox web developer.
  10. Bookmarklet

1. Text Editor

Text Editor is the first and main part of the front end development tools. It is used to feed the coding. There are lots of text editor available. But only a few text editor is user-friendly and free of cost. I suggest always choose a free text editor. I listed top here best free text editors for windows and MAC.

Best Free Code Editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux


Operating System: WINDOWS

Cost: Free
Download Notepad++


Operating System: WINDOWS, Linux, iMac G5

Cost: Free


3.Visual Studio Code

Operating System: WINDOWS, Mac, Linux

Cost: Free


4. Brackets

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac

Cost: Free


2.  HTML5 Boilerplate 

The heart of front end development is HTML5. HTML5 Boilerplate is one of the html5 templates which is used to build fast, robust and adaptable web apps. The boilerplate is the starting point of front end development which based on normalize.css. You need to download the template and create the website using the template.

Download HTML5 Boilerplate

3.  Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter bootstrap is the next essential tool for front end development. Twitter Bootstrap is one of the HTML CSS frameworks which is used to develop webapps and sites. Using twitter bootstrap you can develop responsive and mobile-first websites. Twitter Bootstrap provides all basic modules like Grid, Typography, Tables, Forms, Buttons, and Responsiveness. Also, it provides useful components of front end development like navigation, pagination, Breadcrumb, thumbnails, headers and so on.

Download Twitter Bootstrap

4.  Javascript and Jquery

Javascript and jquery another important for front end development. Javascript and jquery are client-side scripting languages that are used to create functionality to interact with the users. Like validating user’s inputs such as email, phone number, doing action without refreshing the pages and so on. Jquery is a javascript library and this is used to create websites by less using javascript. It simplifies the functionalities of javascript such as ajax call, DOM manipulation.So Jquery is the most essential tool of front end development.

Download jQuery Library

5.  Angular Js 

Angular Js is another important tool for front end development. Most of the companies are recruiting only angular js known person. It has more scope. First, let me explain what is Angular js.  Angular js is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. That is it extends from HTML to deal dynamic data. HTML only deals with static data. Angular js is a framework that is designed to handle dynamic data such as data binding, DOM control structure for repeating and showing and hiding DOM fragments.

Download Angular Js 

6.  Less

Less is one of the front end development tools. Less stands for leaner Style Sheet. It is a backward-compatible language extension for CSS. It looks like a CSS. LESS is some convenient addition to CSS. It is easy to lean. Spending 1 hour time you can learn it. You have to learn LESS to become a successful front end developer.

Download LESS

7.  Github

Github is an important and essential tool of both front end development and back end development. Github is a hosting code for version control and collaboration.

The main job of Github is tracking any single changes made by us provides access control. Also, it provides collaboration features such as bugs tracking, task management. Every software development must know Github for maintaining the version.

8.  Chrome Web Developer tools

The Chrome web developer tool is developed by Google for diagnosing the problem quickly. This is one extension of the Google Chrome browser. You can inspect the elements and change the output such as changing font color, fixing space adjustment instantly on the browser. So Google Chrome web developer tools is one of the essential tools for front end developments.

9.  Firefox web developer

Firefox web developer is an addon of the Mozilla Firefox browser. It also does the same job as a chrome web developer tools. Being a front end developer you have to test your websites in both browsers. So all the browser and web development tools are the most essential tools of front end development.

10.  Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is used to test the websites in a cross-browser. Every website will compatible with all types of screens. So you have to test the websites is all types of screens and browsers.  Using Bookmarklet you can test the website in cross browsers. It is easy to install.

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