Online Tutor Jobs-Earn up to 1000USD per Month

Are you decided to earn money from home without investment? You have many options to choose from. I will help you with a variety of job opportunities in the internet world through the categories of online jobs, micro jobs, and data entry jobs.

Let me introduce an online tutor job now. Online tutor job is the best among online jobs. The main advantage is that you can earn money based on the time you spend on teaching.

Online Tutor Job

Who is an online tutor? 

An online tutor is one, who teaches or provides training to the students through the internet. You can provide the training to college students, adults or employees in an organization including training programs like business development, self-employment and so on.

What are the requirements to be an online tutor?

  1. Expertise in the field, where you want to tutor
  2. Knowledge on how to use the virtual classroom
  3. Good communication skill
  4. High-Speed internet connection
  5. Computer with webcam and microphone
  6. Digital pen and writing pad

How much can online tutors make?

If you are working for a company then you will get paid $25 to $30 per hour. It may differ based on the company you are working and the subject you are teaching.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

  1. You can work at your preferred place.
  2. You can schedule your availability
  3. You don’t have to travel and save on time and expenses
  4. You can earn money based on the time you spend

Where to Find Online Tutor Jobs?

Though online tutor job is a good earning job, there is a risk of choosing fake sites. You need to find and enroll in legitimate websites. Else, you may lose your money and time. I am listing here the genuine online tutor job providers.

Top 10 Legitimate sites that Offer Online Tutor Jobs

1.  Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is one of the best and very popular websites for online tutor jobs. Some people make even more than 800 dollars per day through teaching. The payment is high compared to other tutor job sites. They would pay salary on time through Paypal. After every session is completed, the students would post their feedback and it would be visible on your profile.

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2. is a familiar website for online tutor jobs. You must be the US or Canadian resident.  You need to have knowledge of subjects like English, science, mathematics and social science. They pay 11$ to 12$ per hour. It will change depending on the subjects you choose.

After filling up the application form they will conduct a test on the subject. You need to pass the test to qualify to be an online tutor. Once you successfully complete it, there will be a background check and you can start teaching once it’s cleared. The whole process will take nearly 30 days time.

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Tutorvista is another familiar and legitimate website. This website is open to all countries. You need to be a postgraduate on your subject. For certain grades and subjects, graduation would also do. Every session will be for about 45 minutes. You need to take classes for 4 hrs a day. Payment will be 10$ to 40$ per hour depending on the subjects you choose.

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4.  Tutorme

Tutorme is a high paying job site. You can get $20 per hour. It has over 300 subjects. So you can choose any subject. But you need to have graduation and experience in the subject. You will get weekly payment through Paypal if you are selected by them. If your performance is good, you will get good feedback from the students and that will increase your payment. You can register from any country.

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5.   Udemy

Udemy is also a popular website for courses and tutor jobs. This website is different from other tutor websites in a way that you need to create courses instead of teaching. You will get paid if your created course is sold. There is no fee for creating and hosting your course. You can sign up using your Facebook account or Google account.

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6.   Vedantu

Vedantu is another well-paying tutor job site. You can earn up to 50,000 INR per month. They provide coaching for Mathematics, French, German, Computer Science, Biology and Physics. Over 40,000 students are using this website for learning. The selection process for this subject is a little difficult compared to other websites. Once you submit your application, an expert will assess your profile and if it suits them, they will call you for taking demo classes. After you clear it, you will be asked to go through a short training, post which you can start teaching.

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7.  Skooli

Skooli is also a popular and high paying online tutor website. They pay 25$ per hour. To be an online tutor at Skooli, you need to have a degree/Ph.D. or some other teaching qualifications. To apply for a tutor job on this website, you need to submit your ID proof, education proof, and teaching certificate if any.  Once you are selected, you can start teaching.

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8.  Brainfuse

Brainfuse is another legitimate website. Basic requirement to apply for Brainfuse is that you need to have a degree and reside in the US. To apply for a job at Brainfuse, you need to send your resume to If your resume suits their requirement, they will call and give the assessment to take classes.  They pay 10$ to 15$ per hour.

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9.  VipKid

VIPKid is also a popular online tutoring website. English subject is only available for teaching. Once you are selected, you need to sign-up for a 6-month contract. They pay 15$ to 22$ per hour. Your payment will be through direct credit to your bank account.

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10.  Preply

Preply also another popular website which pays on time. To apply for Preply, you need to signup using Facebook or Google account and then submit your application. Once your application is accepted, they would do background verification and then would appoint you as a tutor.

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