Online Survey Job

First, we have to know about what is online survey job and the purpose of the online survey job.
Online survey means you are giving your opinion and you are providing inputs for the development of a particular product or service by answering the questions using web-form through the internet. These surveys are collected and stored on their database. Finally, the surveys are analyzed by the company and based on the survey results, their product and quality will be improved. The time to fill up an online survey form usually takes 5 to 10 mins. You can earn reasonable money on online survey jobs. List of Top Online Survey Jobs.

The online survey is only for marketing purpose. The advantage of online survey jobs is it doesn’t require much typing work. You can work from your home at a convenient time. The online survey jobs are best suitable for ladies especially housewives, retired persons, college students who like to work with their part-time.

How will online survey work

  1. First multinational companies want user opinion about a particular product
  2. They will hire survey running companies to conduct a survey about their products
  3. Survey running companies will put the survey on their websites.
  4.  You have to register your name, address and email to their website and take the paid survey.
  5.  Once you are registered into the website, they will provide you account details.
  6.  You can regularly login in and take the paid survey.
  7.  Your payment will be issued by cheque or through Paypal

How will be online survey form questions?

Basically the survey question will be short and simple. Some of the types of question will be yes or no type and some questions will choose the answer type. Questions are based on the survey category. The survey category may be customer feedback, Education survey, Event feedback, Human Resources, etc. Most commonly survey based on Customer Feedback. Here I have given if the survey is based on the customer feedback and how it would be.

  • Are you satisfied with our product
  • What changes do you want in our product
  • What changes do you want in our product

Do online Survey sites actually pay money?

Yes, online survey sites actually pay money. But you have to choose legitimate sites. I am a member of two online survey sites, Global test market, and Swagbucks. It’s paying correctly. Actually online survey work is based on country. Every country has a website with different payment methods.

How much I can earn in online survey job

The payment is based on the website you choose for survey and time you are spending to take the survey. Normally, you can earn 20,000 to 30,000 rupees per month. Again it is completely based on your time.

Tips to increase earnings in online survey job

  • Research about what are the correct paid survey websites, how much they are paying for each survey, how frequently they are paying, for what type of work they are paying and collect complete reports and choose your suitable websites.
  • Signing into multiple sites is always a good way to earn. Signing on one website and waiting for survey job takes a long time to earn. If you have signed in more websites, you can get more survey invitation.
  • You have to fill out your user profile page properly. Your profile only will attract the survey invitation. So be specific on your user profile page. If you have more survey invitations, you can earn more money.
  • Survey panels will send invitation regularly to your account. So you have to check your account daily.
  • Once you start the online survey, be sure your internet connection is stable. If it’s not stable your survey form will not get submitted properly and your efforts will go wasted.
  • Check your emails regularly for new survey jobs.
  • Track your earnings regularly
  • Always keep updating your profile page of survey websites. Any new items you buy, changes in your workplace all are worth mentioning in your profile. So that your survey invitation chances are more.

How do I find a genuine online survey job site

On the internet, there are lots of scam sites. It’s very important to take genuine websites before we register. If you choose the scam sites, you will lose time and money. I am giving you some tips to take genuine online survey job site

  • You always check the reputation of the site. Search online survey job in google. Take the top 10 listed in the google result.
  • Always check every website’s social media pages. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and carefully check the online survey service.
  • Avoid attractive advertisement sites like which has lots of images and advertisement.
  • Avoid the sites, which promise to pay highly.
  • Some sites will ask your credit card details. Say bye-bye to those sites.
  • If you feel the site asks so many questions in a single survey just come out from that site.

Advantage and disadvantage of Online survey jobs:

Each and every job has its own advantages and disadvantages. So we have to choose our own convenience. Let us first see the advantages of Online Survey Jobs:

  • For online survey jobs, you need not go to office. You can save your traveling money and time to go to the office
  • You can work at your convenient time. There is no time schedule for this job. Even during the night also you can work.
  • You work with your convenient position and convenient place. While watching TV, you can work.
  • Work along hearing your favorite music. Laying down on the bed and you can work
  • Stress-free job
  • You are the boss of your job. No need to depend on anybody and no need to answer anybody.

The disadvantage of Online Survey job

  • There are so many spam websites available. Choosing the right one is the challenge. Wrongly chosen sites will lead to a loss of payment and effort. But there are so many genuine websites.
  • You can’t meet many people and socialize like going to the office. Sometimes, you will be lonely with a computer.
  • You can’t earn fixed money. Your earning is always dependent on your work and the time you spend and the type of paid surveys you are choosing.



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