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Let’s first know about Data Entry job. Data Entry job means entering the given information into electronic formats using some word processing software. You can do this job from your Home itself. One, who does Data Entry work is called a Data Entry operator. For Data Entry Operators, previous work experience is not required. Just a PC (Personal Computer) and 2 to 3 hrs of time is enough to earn reasonable amount. The main requirements for Data Entry Jobs are typing speed and accuracy. You can be hired long time and the job will be given regularly based on your speed and accuracy.

data entry job skills

Generally, data entry work is a must in the financial industry to enter customer’s personal information, transaction details into their server and also in industries like retail, where their product catalog, product details such as product name, retail price, quantity and so on are required to be entered. In insurance companies, the data entry work involves entering customer details and policy details. So these industries will hire data entry operators to enter their details into the computer.

The skills required for the data entry jobs are basic Computer Knowledge with word-processing software knowledge like MS-Word. Good typing skills with spelling, grammar and numerical ability would be an added advantage

How to learn Data Entry and what to learn for the data entry:

    • Basically for data entry operators, no technical / higher technology skills or degrees are required. Companies normally hire people with atleast 16 years of age with basic computer knowledge with MS-Word and able to access / use internet.
    • Understanding English text and basic numerical ability are mandatory. Some companies will require the data to be entered in spreadsheet like MS-Excel and such work will require basic spreadsheet knowledge.
    • Key requirement for data entry work is typing speed and accuracy. To gain the knowledge, you may complete lower level typing. Your earning will be dependent on your typing speed and accuracy. These are the only things you have to learn for data entry work.

How can I get a Data Entry Job:

The advantage of data entry job is working from home when you have free time. This will help you earn additional and reasonable income. But finding a genuine data entry job is not an easy task. So choosing the trusted one is the key.

List of Top Data Entry Jobs

How much I can get for the data entry work?

The remuneration for the data entry jobs varies from website to website or recruiter.
It may be calculated by number of pages or based on the entire project. Usually, the payment ranges from 2 to 6 USD per page.

How to find fake data entry work and how to avoid this?

The first important thing is cheating websites will not list that you need some skills for data entry work because if they list any skill, you will not attempt to apply. The second and common thing is that they will offer more hourly rate for typing work like more than 20 USD.

The popular data entry job types:

Data Entry Keyer
It’s nothing but entering the data using computer keyboard into the word processor or spreadsheet. It involves fetching the information from checks, licenses or other paper documents and typing into a computer. Data entry operators mainly use data or number keypads to enter information into the computer. Data entry operator job includes verifying data and preparing material for printing.
You need not have any special training for this job. The main concept for this job is speed and accuracy. You can get data entry operator job from job sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc. For getting jobs, you have to register your name and put Data entry operator at skill area.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salaries of data entry operator average around $15.64, which means annual remuneration of $32,530.

Data Entry Clerk
Data entry clerk jobs are also same as data entry operators. But Data entry clerk will join the company as full time employee. The company will hire data entry clerks to feed their customer information, catalog , product , pricing, banking, billing, ordering information into the computer. The job will vary based on the companies’ type. Some companies give full data entry support for their clients. The salary also varies based on the companies and the type of work.

Medical Transcriptionist.
The job of Medical transcriptionist is to type the recorded voice into text format. It’s totally based on medical department. Basic skills for medical transcription is good typing accuracy, good typing speed, impeccable punctuation, grammar and syntax and comfortable working on computer.
For Medical Transcription you need to have formal training in transcription at a vocational institution.

You can earn 15.28 $ per hour average.

Advantages and disadvantages of Data entry job
Data entry jobs have got their own advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the jobs after analyzing the below points.
Let’s first check out the advantages:

    • Data entry operator can work on their own convenient time schedule.
    • There is no need for high investment for this job. Only one computer and internet connection is enough
    • There is no need for high qualification and special training to work as a data entry operator
    • It is completely a stress-free job. There is no target to be achieved. You can easily meet the deadline which is provided for data entry.

Now check the disadvantages of data entry jobs

    • Some website will be fake / spam. So you have to choose the correct place and correct work
    • If your typing speed is slow you can’t earn more amount.
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