Making Money through Facebook

Our research says every person spends 2 to 3 hrs per day on Facebook. If the person is addictive to Facebook, he will spend whole day in facebook by simply chatting, sharing and posting.

Who will say no if there is a way to earn money in facebook? This job is like paying money for eating cake. Before knowing who can make money in social media, let me give you the proof of how much you can earn through facebook.


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How to make money on Facebook

Other than sharing photos, news, and selfies, you can earn more in Facebook. I know that you would also have a Facebook account. Why don’t you make money from this by selling your facebook page likes you have?

Before you start earning through the Facebook you need to do the following things.

  1. Create a Facebook page with trending page name, attractive profile picture and a cover photo. Your page name will be important as it should be capable of attracting the users and making them like and share it.
  2. Invite all your friends to like it and ask them to share it on their Facebook wall.
  3. Post page related videos, message, and photos regularly to engage the users. So that you can get more likes and shares. This page is now your marketing tool. Come let me explain how to earn through this page.


How to earn money through Facebook Page

There are more than 100 ways to earn money through your Facebook page. I will explain you the top 5 ways of making money.

  1. Sell 3rd parties products in your Facebook page

    This process is called Affiliate Marketing. You need to register in the 3rd party products sites. They will provide the products list link. You need to paste into your Facebook page. If anyone buys the products using the link which you posted, the company will pay the commission for every sale. To sell 3rd parties’ products, you need to first register as an affiliate to their website and get the link. There are innumerable websites willing to pay for referrals. Here are the best sites

    Amazon Affiliate Program


    This is my favorite way to earn money in facebook page

  2. Posting ads in your facebook page

    Once your Facebook page reaches more fans and more visitors, you can contact sellers to place their ads in your page. Could you understand? I will explain a little bit more. If one website needs to earn money through ads,  they want more visitors to visit their websites regularly. This is called website traffic. So to get website traffic, they need to advertise their websites link to the website which is having more traffic. Suppose if your Facebook page has got more traffic, the seller would shows interest to display their ads in your page. So you can collect amount on a monthly basis. This method is one of the best methods to earn more money.

  3. Sell your own Products

    You can directly sell your own products in your Facebook page. It can be homemade items, craft items, ebooks, baked items, drawings, gift items, fancy items and so on. But keep in mind that it should be affordable. But don’t keep posting your products repeatedly in your Facebook page as your followers may get irritated.

  4. Drive Traffic to your blog or website

    This is again a good way to earning. If you have any website or blog you can drive the traffic to your page by sharing articles. If you get more traffic to your website, you earn more money through Google Adsense or any other ad network. There are umpteen numbers of websites generating traffic through Facebook and earning more than 2000 USD per month.

  5. Selling fan page likes

    You can earn some extra money by selling your fan page likes. For this, you need to set the fan page and make sure you are having at least 1000 likes.

    Find the websites, which are buying likes and setup per post amount. Here I am sharing one of the buying and selling websites’ price details, how much they are paying for 500 likes.

    How much can you make in facebook

    It depends on the topic which you are selecting. One of my pages in Facebook, which has 60 visitors every day make me earn 500$-1000$ per month.

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