Making Money by Selling Photos Online

Are you interested in photography? Are you enjoying in clicking sceneries around you? Then why don’t you sell your priceless clicks for a price? There are many and legitimate websites which buy your photos.  Your photos will be used by genuine bloggers,websites, corporate and MNCs.  Now a days stringent rules are in force to use google free images . So they (bloggers, websites, etc) have to buy the images from the owners and use it. So here’s an great opportunity for you to earn money through your photographs.

In demand categories of photos

  1. People
  2. People at work photos(IT, Engineers, Medicos, Professionals, Labourers, etc)
  3. Nature
  4. Animals
  5. Birds
  6. Travelling
  7. Food items

These categories have high demand in the online marketing.

If you are a professional photographer, you can earn more than you deserve. I am here to help you out. I can give you the best one, which pays more for your clicks.

Top 10 places to sell your photos


1. Alamy

Alamy is most reliable website which pays 50% for every sale of your photos. It has 160 million collection.  To sell the image you need to register on this website and then select sell image for uploading your images.  This is registration free website. It’s the world’s  largest market for stock photos and it has large number of visitors. So if you create a good image you can sell it soon and get the payment.

Join Alamy


2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is popular website for stock images. It has over 257 million stock images, vedios and music. It has millions of purchasing customers. You will earn money whenever the customer buys your photos. This website is based on subscription payment system. So you can earn 20% to 30% per month.You can earn through referral program of Shutterstock.

Join Shutterstock


3. iStock Photo

iStockphoto is very popular website for the people those like to enter photograph filed at starting. It has large number of customers in word wide. It has selling images, videos and music clicks from the year 2000. To upload your photographs there’re  some simple procedure. First you have to fill the form first .Second the iStock photo team will review your application and conduct simple and short quiz. Final step, you have to upload your sample photographs.  Once approved by iStock Photo you can upload your photographs. You will get 15% for every sale of your photos.  If your status reach as Exclusive than you will get 45%.

Join iStock Photo


4. etsy

Etsy is big marketplace for photos, handmade works, and prints. It has 33 million buyers around the world. You need to fix price for your items and you have to ship the items which is created by you. The etsy will take 20 cents from the sale. Etsy will provide you the material for details about how to create your etsy store, market it, sell it and pack it.

Join Etsy


5. SmugMug

This is familiar website for photographers to sell their photos. It is running since 2002. This act like gallery space to display your photos easily. Smugmug has the additional features such as create coupons, photo package, analytics . You can keep 85% profit with you. This is high amount while comparing other websites.

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6. Fotolia

Fotolia is now branded as Adobe Stock. You know this is first online shops to sell photos. This website has lots of users. Around 4 million buyers. Your uploaded available to all adobe product such as illustration , photoshop so it is more chance to sell photos easily.  You get 33% on every sale.

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7. 500px

500px is the online marketplace to list your images and sell it easily. It has 15 million photographers from 195 countries. You can register it free for trail and display your photos by completing the required form.

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8. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is world’s largest stock community. It has  24 million users and 94 million stock images. You can get 60% revenue share from all your sale if you are exclusive contributors. Non exclusive contributors will earn 25%-50%. Once you uploaded the photos it is reviewed by Dreamsitme team with in second and if it is qualify they will approve  it and you can earn up to 12$ .

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9. 123RF

It has million of stock photos for every category. It has 5 million potential buyers. It means there 5 millions buyers waiting to buy your photos. So this is great chance to sell your photos. You will earn 30%-60% commission for every sale.

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10. snapped4u

Snappedu4u is a good market place for those who takes the  photos events, wedding and parties. This offers easy way to sell your photos.  You have to create gallery and set the photo price and upload your photos.

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