How to Sell Products on Amazon

In my previous post, I detailed how to earn money by selling products online. Now I am going to brief you on how to sell the products on Amazon.

Amazon is a very large marketplace. It has millions of customer. So you are going to display your product to millions of the customer for sale.

It will take so long time and effort if you market your products yourself. But selling through Amazon is the best choice.

how to sell products on amazon

Let me tell you shortly how it works.

  1. Create Seller Account
  2. List the products in Amazon marketplace
  3. Customer see the products and make the purchase
  4. You will receive the notification to ship the product
  5. Deliver the product to the customer through amazon fulfill through FBA or Easy ship or your own delivery.
  6. Amazon will deposit the money to your bank account after deducting their fee.

Now you got the idea of how it works. Let me explain briefly.

1.  Create Amazon Seller Account

First, you need to create seller Account to sell anything.  There is no charge for creating a Seller Account. To create an account you have to fill the following details

  • Your business details
  • Your contact information
  • Basic information about your business
  • Tax Registration details(PAN and GST)

<a href=””>To create Seller Account </a>

Amazon Selling Fee

There are two selling plans in Amazon. Individual and Professional


If you are selling less than 40 items per month you will choose Individual plan. There is no subscription fee for this. But you need to pay $0.99 for every sale.


If you are selling more than 40 items you will go to this plan. Here you no need to pay commission for every sale. But you need to pay monthly subscription fee $39.99

You can choose an individual plan at starting after that you will upgrade the profession plan.

2.  List the products in Amazon marketplace

First, you need to choose profitable products to sell on Amazon. Once you finalized your product you will start listing in Amazon. You can list the product by using their web-based interface to list. Suppose if you are listing 20 products then you can enter the details of every product or you are like to list more than 100 you will use excel based inventory file to list the products. Once you registered you will be guided by Amazon to list your products.

To visit Product listing tutorial

3.  Customer see the products and make the purchase

Once you created the product listing page amazon will take 24 hours time to process your listing after that your products will be available their listing page. Amazon will clearly mention your name as a product sold by section in the product detail page and invoice will carry your to sell products on amazon

4. Receiving the notification to ship the product

You can receive notification about your selling product through SMS and email. There is lots of notifications type available. For Example order notification, listing notification, Account notification and so on. You will get notification types based on the selling plan you have selected.

To know more about notification setting

5. Delivering the products

There are 3 ways you can deliver the products.

1. Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA)

You no need to pack and ship your product. Amazon will take care of this. This process is called Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA).

You no need to pack and ship your product. Amazon will take care of this. This process is called Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA).

  • You need to send your products to Amazon fulfillment center or schedule a pickup they will pick from your doorstep and store it.
  • Amazon packs and ships your products from the fulfillment center.
  • They will provide customer support for your product.

You can use Amazon fulfillment for the sales made from your own e-commerce website also.

2. Easy ship

Let me now explain how easy Ship is working.

  • Customer orders your product you will get a notification through your mail and SMS.
  • Need to pack the product and schedule the pickup for Amazon. Amazon will pick your packed product from you.
  • Amazon delivers the products. If the order Pay on delivery means Amazon will deposit the money to your account.

3.  Self-ship

In self-ship, you need to store your product, pack and ship the products. This is called Self Ship. Now you are ready to sell your products successfully. Next step is how to getting money from Amazon. Come let’s see how they are depositing money to your account.

6. Depositing money to your Account.

Lots of question will come to our mind when we start talking about money. This is not our fault. This is money’s fault. Because Money is deciding our lives and it’s playing an important role in our life. Let’s come to the point.

When will I get my payment?   

If your account has a positive balance, Amazon will send the amount to your bank account through Automated Clearing House(ACH) or electronic funds transfer method. It will take 5 days time to appear in your bank account after the settlement.

A positive balance means your sale amount will be more than the Amazon commission amount. So that Amazon will transfer the money.

How will I get my payment?

You will get the payment through an Automated Clearing House(ACH) or electronic funds transfer method. For proper payment, you must provide valid bank account details.  Amazon will not send the payment to the credit card and online payment system such as PayPal.

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2 Replies to “How to Sell Products on Amazon”

  1. The basics of selling on Amazon are very simple:
    Find a product that you want to sell On Amazon. list the product for sale, prepare the item to be shipped to a Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse then box up your items and ship them to the warehouse location that Amazon assigns.
    I wish you good luck selling on Amazon!

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