How to Make More Money as a full stack developer?

Previously I have covered how to earn extra money in your free time with less technical knowledge through online jobs. In this post, I would like to show you how to earn money for a technically skilled person by the job called Full-stack developer. If you don’t have the technical knowledge you can learn it. There are lots of free online courses is available.   If there is a chance to earn money from your home then why don’t you learn it? Easily you can learn and earn more money. Where there’s a willthere’s a way. Let me come to the point. First, let me explain about full stack developer.


What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer is the person who develops and manages the complete web application or mobile app. The web application contains two parts. One is the Front End and the second one is BackEnd. You can choose one of the development platforms. Let you know first what is Front End development and Back End development.

What is the Front End and Back End Development?

The Front End is nothing but it is a user interface. What you see in the browser while entering the website address ( in the address bar is called the Front End. It involves programming for font style, images, color and so on. Action held thorough browser is called back end development. Like clicking shop now button, log in, sign up button there are some programs will run at a server to supply the data. This program is written using server-side scripting. Server-side scripting is called back end development. I will explain a little more clearly using an example.

For example:

I will take your familiar website that is as an example. In the Amazon what will you do first? You will signup newly or login to buy any product. So the signup and login form is the front end. Once you entered your details you will press the enter button am I correct? After you pressed the login button there is some program run at the back end to verify your details. This is called back end development. Now you know what is front end development and backend development. Now I am going to tell you what are the front end languages.

What are the front end technologies?


HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. Webpages are written using HTML language.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet. All the styles of web pages are written using CSS. That is the website color, font color, font style all are defined in the CSS.


The javascript is used to do browser functionality like validating, redirecting like that.

Front end developer means you have to know these three languages. It is very easy to learn. You know these three languages and you can work as a front end developer.

Top 4 skills you’ll need to be a Front End Developer

  1. HTML/CSS.
  2. Any framework for responsive web design(mobile compatible design. My choice twitter bootstrap)
  3. Javascript/Jquery

A text editor (To type the coding)

To be a front end developer the basic degree is enough. You must know the Essential Front End Tools. No need a computer science or engineering. But you need computer knowledge. So start to learn today.

How do I become a Front End Developer or UI Developer?

  1. Learn HTML/ CSS ,Javascript and Jquery
  2. Know about text editor for programming (Text editor is used to doing the program, You can use free text editors notepad++, edit++,dreamviewer and so on)
  3. Learn any cms like WordPress. Most of the people are using cms for their website instead of using static HTML/CSS website.
  4. Download some sample templates from online and go through the coding. Search free HTML CSS template from google, you can get lots of projects.
  5. Make practice for more than 10 templates. Now you will ready to start work.
  6. Build a portfolio. Your portfolio will reflect your skill set. So that the recruiter can hire you easily as you an entry level.
  7. Once your portfolio is ready you can upload your portfolio to the freelance websites. Like (up work, fiverr, It’s always best, get the project from freelancer client for entry level. So that you learn about payment negotiation, on-time project delivery, latest technologies, and problem-solving skills very well.
  1. Learn and update relevant skills regularly. It is always important to be updated.
  1. Once you get the confidence to do projects individually than you can create your resume for junior front end developer and seek the jobs.

How much do Front End Developers make?

Front end developers always a high demand. Their average salary for entry level is 800 to 1000 USD. It will vary depending on the project you are working on.

Final Thoughts

The front end developer job is high demand and payable job. If you put some effort to learn this technique you can earn good money. You need to have some basic knowledge about the computer and good communication skills for this job. There are lots of online courses available for HTML/CSS and javascript. You don’t like to pay for learning you can learn here All the best

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