How to Make Money on Youtube with Affiliate Marketing.

Money makes Many. Without money, we can’t able to live. So everyone wants money. Earning money in good and respectable ways is very simple. In my blog post, I am telling what the ways available through online jobs category are.  In this post, I am going to discuss another familiar method of online earning that is Youtube.

how to do affiliate marketing on youtube

Can you believe that you can earn a minimum of 1000$ per month through youtube Affiliate marketing? Yes, you can do it.

Let me brief you.

You know about the youtube. Every day millions of videos and channels are uploading and lots of people making huge money using the videos. You can earn money on youtube in several ways. I am going to discuss one of the best-paid ways. That is called youtube affiliate marketing.

Let me explain first

What is Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

Youtube Affiliate Marketing is just displaying 3rd parties products links on your youtube videos or video description. Each time a user purchases the product using the link you will get a commission.  You can monetize using youtube affiliate marketing without Adsense.

To do affiliate marketing on youtube, you need viewers on your youtube video. Without viewers who will click you’re Affiliate Link? So you need to get traffic for your videos.


best way to include affiliate links in youtube videos

















Now you are ready to start put affiliate links to your youtube video. Next question your mind is

How to add an affiliate link to  YouTube Video?

First, you need to find and signup high payable familiar and legitimate affiliate programs and get the product links. For Example:

Let me show you, how to include Amazon affiliate links to your YouTube video through the following video.


Now you know how to include the Amazon affiliate link. You need to do similarly for others. Well, Next question in your mind is, how do I know what high payable is and legitimate affiliate programs for my Youtube Video? Am I correct? Let me brief you.


How Much I can earn through affiliate program a single video?

It will be based on how much viewers you are having for your video.

Best affiliate programs for YouTubers

Amazon Affiliates

No one is here without knowing about Amazon. This is a big and familiar online marketplace. It has lots of products and categories. You will choose any products based on your video.

To join Amazon affiliate


Shopify is also a familiar e-commerce website. You can earn a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. Also, you can earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with your unique affiliate link.

To Join Shopify

eBay Partner Network

eBay is another big and familiar e-commerce website. You can get paid if someone listing eBay product and purchases any product from your referral link. Partners will earn 50-70% of the revenue.

To Join eBay Partner Network


Bluehost is a hosting provider. If your video based on any computer application then you can promote Bluehost. You can get a commission for every sale made through your link. You can get $65 for every sale.

To Join BlueHost


Themeforest is WordPress themes and website templates selling websites. We can buy readymade themes and templates instead of designing them. If your video is based on any computer application you can use ThemeForest affiliate program.

To Join Themeforest

Final Thoughts

Through Youtube, you can earn lots of ways. A popular way is Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. Most of the people are doing a full-time job as a YouTuber. So Start today and Win.

No one is winning without Trying! There is will and there is the way.

All the Best!

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