How To Make Money By Website Flipping

We are discussing varies ways to earn money using online on my blog. In this post, I am going to discuss one of the ways to earn money through online. That is website Flipping. Website Flipping is a high profitable business nowadays. Comparing the Micro-jobs, Website flipping is a profitable business. Lots of people are doing website flipping as a full-time job. Let me explain the details about website flipping. First, you need to know what is Website Flipping?

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What is Website Flipping?

Website Flipping is buying at a lower price and modifying some functionality based on the user requirement and selling the websites into a higher price. That means investors will buy one website and then they will modify the websites finally will add extra money and sell to the customers. This process is called Website Flipping.

How to make money by flipping Websites?

You can do the website flipping in two ways.

  • You build the website and sell it
  • You can buy the website and sell it

Interesting? Let me explain one by one.

You Build the Website and sell it

This method of website flipping is a low-risk factor and you can get good profit. Here I am going to discuss how to flip the blog website. You have to follow the 10 steps to flip the blog’s website for good money.

  1. Analyze the trending and popular topic.

First, you need to analyze the popular topic on the internet and collect information about the topic and then prepare a plan.

  1. Choose and buy the domain and hosting.

Once you decided the topic the second step is choosing the domain name. It always better the domain name will relate to your topic. So that it will reach the users soon. If you plan to implement the blog you need to buy the WordPress hosting. There is lots of hosting provider available like GoDaddy, Bluehost and so on. You can choose the best one.

  1. Install Theme for your WordPress.

First, you will select the theme based on your content. The theme must be Google Adsense supportable theme. So that you will get the approval from Google Adsense.

There are lots of themes available freely as well as a paid theme also.  To buy the theme Themeforest is a good choice

  1. Add Google Adsense and affiliates for revenue.

Once you created the website, you have to write the post regularly, and then you need to apply for Google Adsense and affiliate programs to earn money.

  1. Increase site traffic.

You can earn only if the users will come to your website.  For that, you need to market your website through social media. You can generate the traffic through forums like quora, stack overflow and so on.

  1. Post your website for the sale.

Once you get the good traffic you can get good revenue. So that your website value will increase. This is the time to sell your website for good money.

Buy the websites and sell them for profit.

If you don’t like to create a website and then sell it, then you can buy the website from others and renovate it and sell the websites to the good money. Doing this type of website flipping make some risk.

Buying the website and flip it for profit is not an easy method. You need to take lots of research before doing this website flipping. Most of the people are earning good money through Buy and sell the website. Some people are losing due to the wrong decision. So before you do this type of website flipping fully analyze and proceed.

Now you know what is website flipping and how to do website flipping. The next question in your mind is where to buy and sell the websites?

Top 10 best marketplaces for website flipping

1. Flippa

Flippa is number one and best marketplace to buy and sell the websites, Apps, and domain. There are five thousands of websites and domains listed for sale on flippa every single day.

Check out Flippa


Freemarket is one of the popular marketplaces for website and domain flipping. Unlike other website flipping marketplace, will take only 5% as a sale commission. There are lots of websites and domains listed regularly for a sale.

Check out


Empire flippers is also one of the popular websites to buy and sell websites. They will list the website only if it makes more than 2000$ profit. The commission of the sold price is high with comparing another website. The commission rate is 15%.

 Check out

4. Website broker

Website broker also doing website flipping and domain flipping. Website listing fees will vary the plan you choose. They are having two plan standard and premium.

Check out Website Broker

5.  Digital Point

Digital Point is another marketplace to buy and sell websites and domains. There are thousands of website are listed for sale. You can buy and sell all types of digital services like plugins, templates, graphic designs, ebook and so on.

Check out Digital point



There are lots of marketplaces available for website flipping. But I recommend flippa is the best option for buy and sell websites.


All the Best

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