How to earn money by selling products online?

sell products online

Are you interested to earn money from home without spending lots of money and time?  You are landed in the right place. In this article, I will display about Earning by selling Products online.
Before  start first, know

How much I can earn by selling Products online:

Let me show the real example of Madison DuPaix income from Amazon sales.

Source: How I Made $10,000 Selling on Amazon

Profit From products Selling on Amazon at 2012

Sales: $30k

Item Cost:$13k

Shipping, Workers, etc:$2k

Amazon Fee:$7k

Profit: $8k

Hope you also interested to do this business. This is the right time to explain about selling products online.

Selling Products online is one of the best, low risk and quick ways to start a business. According to the statistics in 2021 over 2.14 billion people will be expected to buy the goods online. Selling products involves buying the products at wholesale prices and sell into retail or you can sell your handcraft items or you can manufacture the items which you can. So this is the right time to start this business. Even though the online marketplace is very popular you must choose the right websites and profitable products. Before you start you need to know the following details.

  • First, you need to find profitable products for online selling.
  • Second, you have to find legitimate websites to sell the products online
  • Third, you need to know where to buy the products.
  • Fourth How to start selling products online

Don’t have any idea? Don’t worry. In this article, I will brief you all the stuff needed for selling products online successfully.

Trending and profitable products to sell online

1.  Apparel

First Apparel is most wanted and safest items in online. This category is most popular in all e-commerce websites. This is an unending business. You can sell the cloths with new designs and varieties. If you know to tailor you will buy raw cloths from wholesale shops and you will sell stitched dresses or otherwise, you will get the dresses from the wholesale shop and you will sell it in retail.

Where to buy  apparel in wholesale

There are lots of shops and websites there to purchase. Here I will provide you the top 3 shops.


2. Fashion Accessories

Second popular and wanted item is Fashion Accessories. It includes Bags, sunglasses, wallets, belts, jewelry. Now a day’s most of the people are buying fashion Accessories online. Because there are lots of coupon system, discount available every day and every sale. Especially Amazon, Flipkart are dealing very smart using the discount system. So you can start selling fashion Accessories in the online marketplace. It will not require a huge investment. You can find lots of shops available to buy the products at wholesale prices. You will buy the products at wholesale prices and put the margin and sell it online. Lots of people are doing this business and earning very well. I will share here some of the websites to buy the products at wholesale prices.

Where to buy fashion accessories in wholesale:


3. Handmade and customized products.

Handmade and customized products are also very popular in all marketplaces. It will prefer almost all countries. The customer always likes to choose the products with their favorite color and design. Customized apparel, Handmade jewelry, home decor products are includes in these handmade and customized products. If you know jewelry making you will sell your own items online.

4.  Beauty and cosmetics products

The Fourth fast growing and wanted items are beauty and cosmetics products. Beauty products, beauty creams, groom makeup kits, health, and personal care items are includes in this categories. You can sell organic products also. I will list here some of the Wholesale beauty and cosmetics products supplier.

Where to buy Beauty and cosmetics products in wholesale

  2. indiamart
  3. beautyjoint

5. Electronics, appliances, and accessories

The final one is Electronics appliances and accessories. 50% of peoples like to buy these items online. Especially in festival season, these items are selling more. You need to invest a little bit more while comparing the four items. But it will give a good return.

Sites to ASell Your Products Online

1.  Amazon

Amazon is a very large, familiar and trustable marketplace for online store. You can sell and buy all types of products here. Amazon splits the seller into two categories.

What is the Amazon Seller Fees?

For every sale, you need to pay the commission to the Amazon. The commission rate will differ based on the products you are selling. I have given the link about the commission pricing list of Amazon.

2.  Ebay

Ebay is the second largest online marketplace. Here also you can sell any type of products.  It’s available for 100 countries. So you can sell your products to 100 countries people.

What is the eBay Seller Fee?

3.  Flipkart

Flipkart is the third largest and familiar online store. It is an Indian company. Now they are doing business globally using a partnership of eBay.  It’s available for 200 countries. Here also you can sell and buy any type of products.

What is the Flipkart Seller Fee?

4.  Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website. This website is focused on handmade and craft items. If you like to sell handmade or craft items you can definitely choose this website.

What is the Etsy Seller Fee?

Coming Next Article: How to sell products on Amazon.


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