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Are you interested to do high paid jobs from home? Here is the right place to know about the details.

In my blog post, I am posting how to do online jobs, part-time jobs for college students, data entry jobs from home without investment and where to find those jobs. These jobs are part-time jobs and you can earn extra income for your free time. In this post, I like to describe one of high paid job which you can do full time or part-time. In my previous post “full stack developer” I detailed about one of the high paid jobs that is front end Developer. Now I am going to introduce another one high paid and most wanted job. That is called back end Developer job. First, you should know what back end development is.

back end developer

What is Back End Development?

Backend development is the server side programming that runs behind the screen. For example, when you enter the information in sign in page, this is a user interface that is the front end. Once you entered your details, some programs will run to validate and take you to the appropriate page. This is programming is called server-side scripting.

What skill set requires to become a Back end Developer?

  1. Front End Language
  2. Server Side programming
  3. Database Application
  4. Server

You need to be strong with these four skill sets. I will explain more clearly one by one.

1. Front End language1

The website is called a collection of webpages. Every page is called a web page. Every page is programmed using HTML/CSS. This is called the front end language. To work as a back end developer you need to know HTML/CSS, javascript.

2.  Server Side programming

Server-side programming is called back end language. Let me first show you

What are the back end Languages?




Java J2EE,


And so on.,

You can choose any one of the server scriptings.

3.  Database

First, you need to know about the database.

What is the database?

Let me tell you first what is data? The data is a collection of information is called data. The place which stores the data and manages the data is called the database.  

What is database Application?

The application is used to manage the database is called Database Application.

What are the database Applications?

SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle are some examples of database applications. You can choose the database depends on the server side programming which you select. For example

If you choose PHP as a scripting language you can choose MYSQL as a database application

4. Server

To become a back end developer you need to know basic of a server. There are various types of servers available.

Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS

You are choosing PHP/MySQL then you need to know about Apache.

How much does a back end developer make?

It totally depends on which programming language you choose and the company. I have given here the median salary of a lower level to upper level per month

$2900 /- per month – For Entry Level

$8000/-per month – For upper Level

How to become a Back End Developer?

There are five easy steps to become a Back End Developer.

  1. Understand How the website works
  2. Learn HTML/CSS
    There are lots of sources available online to learn HTML/CSS easily. Especially youtube videos and tutorials. Search in google HTML/CSS tutorial,  Spend at least 4 hrs per day. You can learn it within a month. Once you decided than put your hard work to learn. The result will be awesome.
  3. Learn the fundamentals of programming.
    If you are in a computer science background you no need to learn the fundamentals of programming. Otherwise, you need to learn fundamental of programming before start learning program. So that you can understand variable, constant, conditional, looping, objects.
  4. Now you can focus on programming languages like PHP, asp, asp .net, java, j2ee and so my point of view, PHP is the best choice. Because it is an open source and easy to learn.
  5. Learn Data Base

What is the difference between a front end developer and a back end developer?

Front End Developer

Please consider one thing in mind. That is, the job name will vary in every company. Front End Developer, UI Developer, Web Designer.

Main Difference between Front End Developers and Back End Developers are Skill Set and Salaries.

What is the Front End developer Skillset?




Twitter Bootstrap

Front End Developer Salaries

It will vary depends on the company. I am giving here median for entry level and higher level


For Entry level: 800 USD to 1000USD

For higher Level: 5000USD to 6000USD

Are front end or back end developers more in demand?

In our day to life, computer mobile phones are being an important part of our lives. The requirement for a website, website apps, mobile apps are increasing. So website developers are high demand in this world.

Final Thoughts

Once you put your effort to learn backend languages, it will help for your bright future. Instead of spending the time in small jobs, the backend developer job or front end developer job is the high paid job and you can do this job as a full-time job from your home or office. PHP/MYSQL platform is the best choice for the back end developer. For front end developers learn HTML/CSS, Twitter Bootstrap and JavaScript is the best choice.

My Best Wishes for your Bright Future

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