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In my previous post, Top10 Ways to Make Money From Home At online explain the essential details about the graphics designer.

Graphic Design.
Graphic Design.













What is a Graphics Design?

Graphics design is the art of visually communicating to the user using images and animation. It is a visual representation of the ideas and message.

What does a graphic designer do? And Roles of Graphic Designer.

The graphic designer will do the jobs like design the logos, design the brochure, newsletter, website design, creates animations, template design and so on.  They will decide the font style, size and color and images for every design. The graphic designer will play an important role in every website, company newsletter, brochure, and logo.

Is graphic design in high demand?

Yes, graphics design is high Demand. As I already told every website has its own graphics designing.  In the software industry, the graphic designer will be playing an important role. Most of the industries need an eye-catching design to show their products to the customer. So it is high demandable and payable jobs.

What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer?

You no need to have a professional degree. But you must have the training of graphic designing tools like photoshop, flash and so on. One important skill for graphic design is creativity. Remember one thing. That is graphics design tools are just a tool to displays your output that is your idea. So you are the creator and you will give your creativity as an input to the graphic design tools.

Is graphic design hard?

No, it’s not hard to learn and do the job.  Do you know one thing? Nothing is hard in this world. If you try you can achieve it. Think about! Neil Alden Armstrong. He did not think landing at the moon is hard. He believed he can do it. So he did and he is the first person to walk on the moon. So what I am telling is if you put your hard work to you will succeed. Creativity is playing the main role in a graphic design job.  I always strongly believe everyone has unique talent and creativity. So we need to use our talent to succeed.

What are the different types of graphic design?

There are five types of graphic designs available. You can choose which type of graphic design for your career. Let me show the types with examples.

  1. Advertising Graphic Design
  2. Web and mobile design
  3. Motion Graphic Design
  4. Packaging Design
  5. Publication graphic design

1.Advertising Graphic Design.

 The name tells this advertising Graphic design for what. Anyway, this is my duty to explain to you. Every product wants marketing and advertising to reach the customer. So companies recruit graphic designers to create their advertising and marketing tools. It will be a newspaper advertisement or brochure and anything else.

Example for Advertising Graphic Design





Email marketing templates

Where to find advertising Graphic Design Jobs?

 You can see the advertisement like

Advertising Graphic designer Jobs, Emplayment|

You can find this position all jobs website like

How much do advertising graphic designers make?

The avg salary for Advertising Graphic designer is $53,979. It will vary depends on experience and company.

How to become an advertising designer

  1. First, you need to know the computer like how to operate.
  2. Improve creativity skills
  3. Get training about Adobe photoshop & illustrator ,action script, HTML and CSS , Javascript
  4. Create your portfolio and start to get some sample project and gain experience
  5. Apply the job site.


2.Web and mobile design(UI graphic designer)

This type of graphic design is used in the software industry to design the front end of the website, mobile apps and so on.

Example of Web and mobile design

Every website like,

Every mobile app like tomato, uber and so on.

Where to find UI graphic Designer jobs?

You can find the jobs under the tile of Web Designer, Website Designer, UI designer in all job sites. Like a freelancer, up work, Naukri, monster, indeed and so on.

How much do UI designers make?

According to Glassdoor

The lowest salary is $57k  Per Year

The highest salary is $121k Per Year

 What qualifications do you need for Web designers?

  1. Any bachelor degree
  2. Skills and experience with adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, HTML and CSS, javascript, jquery.


3.Motion Graphic Design 

The art of creating animation, graphics in the film, movie clips, visual effects all are called Motion Graphic Design.

Example for Motion Graphic Design

TV advertisements, Computer games and so on.

How much do motion graphic designers make?

The motion graphic designer’s average salary is  $62,000 per Year. But it will vary depends on the graphic designer year of experience and company.

How to become a Motion Graphic Designer?

  1. Art Skill
  2. Graphic design software skills like 3D MAX and so on.
  3. Get experience in motion designing and start to apply.

Where to find a motion graphic designer Job?

You can find Motion graphic designer jobs in all job sites. Like Naukri, Monster, Upwork, Fiverr, indeed and so on. Some companies directly recruiting through their career page.

4.Packaging Design

Packaging design is about designing the product container to advertise manner. Every product is packed. So every product pack needs to be designed like putting images, instructions about the product. SO the job of a designer is to create the package design.

5.Publication graphic design

Publication graphic designers will create the design for the magazine, ebooks, newsletter and so on.

Final Thought

Now you got the idea about graphic designers and types. There are lots of job opportunities around you. What you need to do means

First: Gets confident that you can do the job.

Second: Collect the necessary details about that job.

Third: Put your hard work to do that job.

Fourth: Earn Well. All The BEST!

I will talk about WEB DEVELOPER in my next post

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