How to become a Virtual Assistant and make money 4000USD per Month

Virtual Assistant Job

Have you ever thought of earning dollars with all your talent by sitting at home? Earn for each hour you spend at home? Yes! By becoming a virtual assistant you can earn more in your comfortable environment. A Virtual Assistant job is one of the Online Jobs done from your home.

Let me first explain

What is Virtual Assistant Job

Virtual assistants are generally home-based people who help the company, any firms or individuals in maintaining their regular tasks such as scheduling the work, arranging an appointment with the doctor, reading e-mails, sending gifts, etc. they are employed to do various virtual jobs.

What are the skills required to be a virtual assistant?

1.  Computer knowledge: knowledge about basic computer application is essential. Depending upon the client requirement one must have the basic computer handling capacity. Computer knowledge is necessary because most of the work deals with computer handling so any company or any firm would expect its virtual assistants have better knowledge in computer applications.

2.  Ability to do multitasking: All the virtual jobs do not come as single or double tasks it generally comes up with multiple tasks hence developing the ability to do multiple tasks is beneficial. Organizing the daily tasks would help in completing the tasks in a better manner. Scheduling your work would help in arranging your clients work in a better manner

3.  Good communication: Communication is the base for the virtual assistant job. Communicating with the clients is very essential as it helps in understanding the clients need. Developing a marketing skill would also help the individual to get better progress in the job.

4.  Punctual: Punctuality is the most important skill required for virtual assistance job. Generally, virtual assistants are used in booking appointments, reading emails, etc so maintaining timing is very important for these kinds of jobs. Also being punctual is the key to success in any field.

5. Hardworking and dedicated: Any job that is done with dedication will definitely find a separate place and it will be much more recognized. For any company to be established groundwork is essential. The owner cannot have so much time to patiently carry out research so there comes the role of the virtual assistants who help in researching the new advancements and aid in the company’s growth.

How much does a virtual assistant make per hour?

The average payment per hour is $16-20$ USD. It will vary depending on which company you are working.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual Assistant job is the most essential job for everywhere, especially in business and business peoples. The purpose of Appointing Virtual Assistant is to reduce the cost of employees, time.  Let me explain here some of the common Virtual Assistant work.

  1. Checking Business Emails
  2. Resume Screening
  3. Booking Appointment with the clients
  4. Responding Clients and customers mails
  5. Attending phone calls
  6. Managing calendar
  7. Managing Social Medias like promoting the blog post, business, pages
  8. Travel booking
  9. Keep Tacking the budgets, bills, and finance
  10. Keep eyes on Competitor product and service and make the research to reach the goal
  11. Preparing presentation
  12. Manage blog posts

Where to Find Virtual assistance jobs?

There are lots of websites to provide the jobs of Virtual Assistant. I am listing here familiar and legitimate website which really pays you.

The Best Sites to Hire a Virtual Assistant










10. Worldwide101

Pros and corns of Virtual Assistant Job

Every job contains some advantage and disadvantage. Let me first explain here the


  1. You can work with your own schedule
  2. You can choose your comfortable place for your work. Like Sofa or bed anything else.
  3. You are the boss of your work.


  1. You need to take more responsibilities. Because you are the boss of your work
  2. Working from home we can’t tell it always good. In some time there will be a chance we can’t able to work due to distraction.
  3. In Virtual Assistant job, we can’t get company benefits. Also, we can’t get paid on vacation.

Tips to start Virtual Assistant Job

  1. Create a portfolio or you can create a website also. In that website, you need to put the button named hire Me.
  2. Prepare your VA service list. Like what are the services you are offering like Blog management, Social Media scheduling, Email Management and so on.
  3. Apply freelancing jobs websites like up work, Freelancer, Fiver
  4. Apply on the website which provides virtual Assistance services.All The Best


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