How To Become A Freelance Web Developer and Earn 150$ Per Hour

Before we start exploring freelance web developer let me show the average salaries of a freelance web developer.


Freelance Web Developer salaries

A home-based web developer is earning 40$ to 150$ per Hour.

Most of the developer will decide their hourly wages. It will vary depends on the years of experience and the platform.
Do you have any idea about what is web development is? And who is a web developer? And who is a freelance web developer? If you don’t have any idea let me explain to you here one by one.

What is web Development?

Web development is the task involved to develop the website and host it into the internet.

Who is a web developer?

The person who is developing a website is called a web developer.

Who is a freelance web developer?

The person who is developing the client website from their place called freelance web developer.

What are the different types of web developers?

There are three types of web developers.

1.Front End Developer.

The person who develops a user interface is called Front End Developer. The user interface is developed by using some languages like HTML, CSS, javascript, and so on. If you like to become a Front End developer you need to know essential details about Front End Developer.

2.Back End Developer

A person who develops the action of the website is called Back end developer. Back end developers will develop the action by using the programming language like PHP, python and so on. To become a back end developer you need to know a few more details I have already provided in my post

3. Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer who develops a full aspect of the websites using the front end and backend technologies.
To become a full-stack developer

you need to know some essential details which I already provided in my post.Ok, now you some basic ideas about the web development, front end developer, backend developer, and full stack developer.

This is not enough to continue your career as a freelance web developer. You need to know more details about freelance web developer. So I planned to show the path to start your career as a freelance web developer. You have to follow Only 5 steps to becoming a freelance web developer.

5 steps to become a freelance web developer

1. Learn basic knowledge about Web development

Know about basic about web development to become a freelance web developer. That is front end development, back end development, and full stack developer. You need to know what is front end developer, The roles of front end developer, What are the Front end development languages like HTML, CSS, javascript, What are front end development tools. Likewise the details about what is back end developer, The roles of back end developer, What are the Back End Languages, What are the back end tools.

2. Decide your platform and learn it.

Once you know the details about the web development you need to take the decision which platform suits you and it has more scope. If you are from a computer background means that is you already know computer programming you will learn back end development languages.

Otherwise, you can learn front end development languages.

3. Do sample projects and get experience.

To become a freelance web developer you must have strong knowledge at your platform. Because when you start your career as a web developer at software companies there are lots of team member will help you. If you are the freelance web developer you only responsible for your projects. For that, you need to increase strong knowledge by doing some sample projects.

4. Build your portfolio and website

Once you got the confidence and experience, this is the time to build your portfolio to showcase your work and knowledge. You can also create your website to show your knowledge and experience.

5. Upload your portfolio to the freelance website

There are lots of freelance websites available. You need to upload your portfolio on those websites. You have to regularly check the projects and apply suitable projects.

Top 10 Places to Find Freelance web Development work

  1. Upwork
  2. Guru
  3. com
  4. FlexJobs
  5. Hubstaff Talent Jobs
  6. Stack Overflow Jobs
  7. CodePen Jobs
  8. Fiverr
  9. toptal
  10. Freelancermap

You need to mention your hourly wages at every freelance website. For that, you need to know

How much do entry-level web developers make?

The average pay for a web developer is $10 to $20. It will vary depends on the platform you select.

Which programming language is in demand?

Here is the most popular programming language always in demand

  1. Python
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. PHP
  4. NET
  5. Angular Js

Final Thoughts

Becoming a freelance web developer is a good career. Comparing Micro Jobs and part-time jobs in this freelance web developer, you can earn good money. What you need to do to become a freelance web developer you need to put your hard work to learn the programming languages. Once you are done you are the winner. 

All the Best!

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