How To Auto Publish Facebook Post On Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are playing a major role in our day to day life. We all keep updating all our feelings on social media. Another important thing is Facebook and twitter is the most important part of every business. It is used to promote their products through social media. Posting the same information to the two different social media account is taking time and boring.


Facebook has introduced the concept which allows your facebook post will automatically be posted on Twitter. It helps to save your time and increase your productivity. Let me explain to you how to integrate the feature Auto public the facebook post on twitter.

Linking Facebook Post to Twitter

Step1: Type the URL in the Address bar







Step 2: Click link my Profile to Twitter to link your profile page to twitter.

Step 3: Click Link a page to Twitter if you want to link your facebook pages post to be automatically posted on Twitter

The page will display like this








Step 4.  Authorize Facebook to access your account page will appear.

Step 5. Enter your Twitter username and password at appropriate boxes.

Step 6: The facebook page will ask permission to access your account like See tweets from your timeline and so on. You have to click the Authorize App button. The authorization process will take a few moments to complete. Once it’s completed you can see the list of post types which is posted automatically in your twitter account. Like photos, status updates, videos, Links, Notes, and events. You can also edit the post types which you want to automatically post at twitter by clicking Edit setting the link.

Step 7: Click Save Changes button the changes will affect immediately

Removing Auto Public Facebook post to twitter

Step1: Type the Url in the browser

Step2: Enter facebook login email id and password

Step3: You can see the link Unlink from Twitter under every linked profile and pages. Just click that link. Now Auto publish has removed from the pages.

Important Points Please Read Without Fail

  1. If your Facebook post contains images or you share an image it will not post on twitter. Only the image link will be posted.
  2. If you share any videos on facebook or your facebook post contain videos that will not be posted on twitter. The video link will be posted.

Common Question and answers related auto-publish facebook post to twitter:

 Question1: Why aren’t the facebook pictures that I post not showing on my twitter account?

Question 2: How to show picture instead of the link on Twitter from Facebook posts?


facebook having trouble with this. They are trying to fix it.



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