Get Paid to Write the Content 30USD-50USD Per Hour


There are lots of online jobs in which you can make money from your home. Content writing jobs is one among the job. Content Writing job is best and high paid jobs. Let me first explain what is content writing job and the details.
Who is a content writer?
The job of a content writer is creating content for online. It may include writing content for e-books, blogs, e-commerce products, catalog descriptions, reviews and so on.


Qualification for Content Writer

  1. Any Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Excellent communication skills and writing skills
  3. Understanding SEO strategy
  4. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WordPress
  5. Understanding of the purpose of content and developing based on it.


How to earn through content writing

1. Start a Blog
Starting a blog is one of the best ways to earn through content writing. You can write the content about your field of interest. That’s easier, isn’t it? A lot of people are earning huge amount in blogging. Once you create successful and rich content, you can get more opportunities from other blogging sites for writing on behalf of them. You can include the Hire Me link to your blog so that the people who read your writing can hire you if they require your work.

I am giving here the details of one blogger, who is really making a big amount in blogging.

Harsh Agrawal
His blog:
His January 2016 income was $21,472 just from blogging.
This is his award winning blog…. Why not you start it today?


2. Self-publishing e-books
You can create ebooks and sell them through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Once you complete an e-book you can include your book’s links in your blog for advertising. Through this, you can earn a lot of money.


3. Work as an SEO copywriter

This job requires all websites for Google ranking. You should know how to integrate target keywords. You need to create the content for your website, which can get more traffic and ranking. Also, you are responsible for any copyright issue. You can earn income by working as an SEO copywriter.


Top 10 Article Writing Sites That Pay You for Writing!

1. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher website has a variety of topics. You can choose any one of the topics and start to write articles. If your article is accepted you can earn 0.10$ per word. This means you will get 100$ for a 1000 words article and 500$ for 5000 words article. That’s really a big amount, isn’t it? They will pay through cheque.


2. Hub Pages

The HubPages website is famous among the writers. You can register here freely. They have plenty of topics for articles like health, science, technology, literature, etc. But your article must have good grammar, correct punctuation and it must be your own article. They would pay for every approved article. You can earn also through Amazon affiliate. Once your article is published, you can list Amazon products and sell them. Most of the writers are earning through Amazon affiliate other than writing.


3. Penny Hoarder

This is one of top paying websites. You can apply for full-time job also. They publish the article about budget planning, saving money, personal planning. So your article will be based on these topics only. Your post will be published under your name. They would pay up to 800$ for a single post.


4. Funds for Writers

“Funds for Writers” is also one of the genuine websites. Your article must follow good grammar, punctuation and vocabulary skills for them to accept it. Your article will be accepted within a week if it is found suitable and acceptable. They are paying $45-$50 for every article. Your article should have at least 500 words.


5. Listvierse

Listvierse is one of the popular websites for writers. In this website, you have to send your article as a list format. It is a simple process to send articles for this website. Your article must have good quality English and your own idea without stealing other’s information. Listvierse has more topics like politics to sports. You can choose whatever you want. But your article’s word length should have a minimum of 1800 words. They pay the US $100 for every approved article. The mode of payment will be either Paypal or cheque.

6. FreelancerCareers

Freelancercareers is one of the legitimate writing agencies. They provide services all over the world. They are prompt on payment. Registration is also free for this site. You have to submit your resume and you will be called for English test. You have to pass the test to take projects. Once you complete the test successfully, you can get regular writing work.


7. is also suitable for all types of freelance jobs. Here you have to mention as a content writer in the skills area section. If you have any experience, it would be an added advantage. This is also a registration free and reliable website. The job provider will directly contact you.


8. Upwork

The upwork is a familiar website for any type of freelancing work. This is also a registration free website. After registering in the site, you have to create your profile. The profile header will be Content Writer. The job providers will directly send messages for the available opportunities.



This is the best place for freelance work. You have to create your profile under the writing-services area and mention your hourly wages. Mentioning your previous experience would be an added advantage.


10. Writing Reviews

By writing reviews also, you can earn. Some of the freelancers are earning $1000 per month just by writing reviews about products, cinemas, songs, fashion and so on. This is a good job for the content writers.

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