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If you are interested in playing games online, there is a chance to earn money.  You can’t earn huge money but you can earn money for your pocket. The gaming websites are free for registration. Once you registered, you can start playing.  You need to have a PayPal account. Because some websites provide you reward points and others pay through PayPal.

You don’t need much of gaming knowledge to earn money. You only need to know how to play. There are many websites, which pay for playing games. I will give you here the top 8 legitimate websites, which pay for playing games.


  1. Inbox Dollars

    Inbox Dollars is a familiar website for “paid for playing games” through GSN, taking surveys and micro jobs. Inbox Dollars has lots of free games. Once you are signed in, you can get the bonus $5. You can play the games using computer or your mobile phones. Some of the most popular games of inbox dollars are Monkey Bubble Shooter, Candy Jam and so on.

    If you join GSN games through Inbox dollar you will start earning while you play and you can get 18% cash back in your account on every dollar you spent on GSN Casino Games and up to 2% cash back for every dollar you spent in cash tournaments. You can collect your payment once payment reaches $40.

    Join Inbox Dollars

  2. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is a popular and legitimate website for online survey jobs, micro jobs, internet surfs jobs, watching video and playing games.  This is a registration free website. Once you registered on this site, you can get 10$ credit. You can use this for gaming tournaments. There are lots of games available in Swagbucks. They have an option called pay-to-play online games on GSN. Some games will require you to purchase. But you will get cash back for every dollar you spend from swagbucks. Even though pay-to-play games there are free games also available in swagbucks. It is Swag Memory, Swag Jump etc.

    Join Swagbucks

  3. Cash Crate

    Cash Crate is another familiar website like Inbox dollars and swagbucks. You can earn extra cash for entering tournaments. There are 12 tournament games to choose from Solitaire, Tripeaks and blocks. You can be given activity to complete when playing the games. Through these activities, you can earn 0.5$-50$. You can get $1 bonus when you signup. You will receive the payment once it reaches $20.

    Join   Cash Crate

  4. Gamesville

    Gamesville is a very popular and first free gaming website. It pays GV rewards for playing and winning games. You can convert into cash prices later. Gamesville have pure cash prices for those, who don’t want GV rewards. It is open for worldwide customers.

    Join GamesVille

  5. GetPaidTo

    GetpaidTo is another website for gaming. This is also a registration free website. It has plenty of games including Sudoku, crossword, word search, pool, jigsaw, arcade games and more. Other than games, it has many other activities like survey jobs, watching video, refer your friends and so on. You can earn GPT points for playing and winning games and you can cash out your points.

    Join GetPaidTo

  6. Appcent

    Appcent is free for join and play. In Appcent, you have to download apps and games. You will earn coins for every download and playing games. 1000 coins will earn you 1 USD. You can use your coins to purchase through Playstore or Amazon. Otherwise you can transfer into paypal.

    Join Appcent

  7. clip2play

    This is another free to join and play games. It has tons of games with various categories like action, shooting, puzzles, adventure, driving, fighting and so on. It has 50 winners every day. You can earn 10 points for referring others.

    Join to Clip2Play

  8. Bingo Zone

    Bingo zone is another quality product of Gamesville. Everyone heard about bingo games would love the bingo. There are a variety games every day in the Bingo Zone. This is registration free website. Your prices will start from $1 and it will increase until there’s a winner.

    Join Bingo Zone

Other ways to earn money through games

1. Become a games tester

Game tester is a part time job. Many popular jobsites have the openings for games tester. This is not a big task. You need to test whatever game given to you whether it is fun or boring. You have to test it for finding bugs or improvement. The payment will be 50 USD to 150 USD per hour.

2.Posting your game play into YouTube

This is the best way to earn money through playing games. You need to create channel and upload the game playing videos with instructions on how to play videos. Once you get good number of views you can earn more money.

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