Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

Every WordPress website owners will meet the problem called Malware attack. First, you need to check whether your. The WordPress site has a malware attack using some simple steps. You no need to worried about malware attack if you have installed correct plugins such as. Anti-Spam Plugin, Backup plugin, and Malware Removal plugin. As we discussed other plugins in my previous post we will discuss WordPress Malware Removal plugin now.

Before we go brief let me explain to you what is malware and purpose of malware.

What is Malware?

Malware is a set of code created by the hackers to track your website

Purpose of Malware?

The purpose of malware steals your website traffic and Money

How to Remove Malware from your WordPress Website

You can remove malware in two ways

  1. Remove Malware by Manual
  2. By WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

I will explain how to remove WordPress malware by manual at my next post. Now let me continue WordPress Malware Removal plugin Details. There are lots of WordPress plugin available for malware removal. I have listed here the best and popular plugin.

Top 6 WordPress Malware Removal Plugin.

  1. Wordfen’ce
  2. MalCare
  3. Sucuri Security
  4. BulletProof Security
  5. Secupress
  6. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

1. WordFence







It is one of the free and familiar WordPress malware removal plugins. Wordfence includes firewall and malware scanner to protect WordPress websites.

Features of Wordfence

  1. WordPress firewall protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts
  2. Wordfence malware scanner will check core files, themes, and plugins for malware
  3. It will compare your WordPress files with core files and alert you if there are any changes
  4. It will scan your contents, posts, comments for any suspicions content.

 To download Wordfence

2. MalCare 





MalCare is one of the familiar WordPress malware plugins. Which instantly removes the malware. You don’t need to wait for hours or days. A malware scanner will have its own server. So while scanning your server definitely will now slow down.

Features of MalCare

  1. The malware scanning process will not affect your server speed.
  2. It will fix the hacked website less than 60 seconds
  3. It will protect your website from the latest malware threats using their latest firewall
  4. Malware will remove the malware from your website without affecting your website
  5. It will remove hidden Malware also
  6. 24*1 Smart Firewall

To download MalCare Plugin

3. Sucuri Security







It is also one of the best and free malware scanner. Sucuri Security is a specialization in WordPress security. It will offer a set of security features for their user’s websites. If your website affected by the malware this Sucuri Security Plugin do the following function.

Sucuri Security Features

  1. Monitoring files integrity to know whether any files are affected
  2. It will do malware scanning remotely
  3. Sucuri Security Plugin will checks various blacklist engines such as Google safe browsing, Norton, AVG and so on, to check your website’s links is blacklisted.
  4. It will provide you security notification

To Download Sucuri Security Plugin

4.  BulletProof Security





BulletProof Security is a WordPress protection and Malware scanner plugin. It has security protection as Firewall, Login Security,DB Backup, Anti-Spam.

Bulletproof Security Features

  1. Setup is easy by a one-click setup wizard
  2. It has the features as auto setup, Auto cleanup, and auto whitelist
  3. MScan Malware scanner
  4. It has login monitoring and security function
  5. Bulletproof security has the option to take full DB backup by manual, Scheduled DB backups
  6. .htaccess files security protection(firewall)

To download Bulletproof Security

5.  Secupress





Secupress is also a great choice of WordPress malware removal plugin. It has a free as well as a premium version. This plugin will scan the malware, block bots and block the suspicious IP address.

Features of Secupress

  1. It has a firewall to protect your website form malicious incoming requests, bad User Agents.
  2. Secupress will send you a security alert
  3. It will block the visits from Bad boats
  4. Block the county by geolocation
  5. It will do the malware scan through the uniquely developed by their team. It will look at your FTP, upload folder and index.php files for malware
  6. Secupress will protect you from installing malicious code and send the email alert if you try to install malware themes or plugins. It will limit you installing plugins, activating and deactivation.

To Download Secupress Malware Removal Plugin

6.  Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

Cerber is one of the popular malware removal and antispam plugin. We already discussed about Cerber plugin at my post of Anti-Spam Plugins

Final Thought

“Prevention is better than cure”. As per Manthra, you need to protect your website from malware by putting plugins such as Anti-spam plugin, backup plugin. So that you can avoid hacking and malware attacks. Also, you need to test whether your website is hacked regularly.

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