Best Way To Earn $200 To 1000$ Per Month By Spending 1-2 Hours Daily

Work From Home Jobs Part-III

On the internet, most searches are based on work from home job opportunities, online jobs from home, micro-jobs. So most of the people need to earn their free time. Using this there are lots of fake websites earning good money. Interesting? Yes. Generally, a fake website will show some fake payment proof like the cheque for 100000$ for online survey jobs. But this is not true.

Social -Media- Manager

They are advertising their websites and earning by getting registration fees from you. You need to be more precaution on such websites. So I am writing this post. Ok, let’s come to the point. Work from Home Jobs Part-III is a continuation of Work From Home Jobs Part-I and Work from Home Jobs Part-II. Here I am going to discuss

8. Social Media Manager

9. Virtual Assistant Job

10. Online Survey jobs

8. Social Media Manager

The job of Social Media Manager is advertising the company and the company product through social media channels. The jobs involve responding to the comments, post the content, create campaigns, improve the website traffic. Social Media Manager grow the business through social networks such as facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can do these jobs from your home. First, let me know how much you can earn through this job.

How much money does a social Media Manager Make?

Social Media Managers are making 800$-1000$ per month by spending 1-2 hours.

Interesting? Do you know what qualification do you need to be a Social Media Manager? Let me explain here.

Top 7 Qualification needed to be a Social Media Manager

  1. Any Bachelor Degree
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. Basic Computer skills
  4. Knowledge about developing a marketing plan
  5. Ability to build social media communities
  6. Knowledge about how to find more clients
  7. Knowledge about Time Management

How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

  1. Get the above-specified knowledge
  2. Learn about the tools which are used to social Media Manager
  3. Create a portfolio
  4. Market yourself. That is you need to participate in social media communities and groups. You can run social media for your schools or college or any wholesale shop freely for the gain experience. Once you the experience you will get more clients.
  5. Upload your portfolio with freelancer websites and apply for the jobs

Where to find Social Media Manager Jobs?

You can find Social Media Manager at every job website like Naukri, Monster, Upwork, freelancer and so on. This is a demandable and high paid position. Because every company needs an advertisement to sell their products. Social media managers are doing this job.

9. Virtual Assistant Job

Virtual assistant jobs are providing support and services from your places to the business. This is also a high demandable position in all types of business. Before going in-depth let me show how much you can earn as a Virtual Assistant job.

Average Salaries of Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are making 16$ to 20$ per Hour averagely.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

To Become a Virtual Assistant you must know the details of What is Virtual Assistant Jobs?

Virtual Assistant Qualification and Where to Find Virtual Assistant JobsA virtual assistant job is not a short term job like Data Entry Jobs, online form filling jobs and Captcha Entry Jobs .

It is a long term and highly paid job. You must know what the essential skill to become a Virtual Assitant.

5 Essential Skills for Virtual Assistant

1.  Communication and Writing Skills

In a virtual assistant job, there are lots of jobs based on writing and communication. Like sending emails, fax and booking appointments. So you must have good communication and writing skills.

2. Basic Computer Knowledge

You must have basic computer knowledge. Such as you must know to send emails, type the documents, take the printout and so on. 

3. Good time management

Time is important for every job. To become a virtual assistant you need to know how to manage your time to complete the task on time. So that you can grow the business fast and get more clients.

4. Knowledge about Social Networks

For a virtual assistant, you must know how to post on Facebook and Instagram. This knowledge will help market yourself and get more clients. You must know to create groups, communicate with the groups.  Social Networks are playing a major role in marketing.

5. Ability to learn new stuff

To become a successful Virtual assistant learning new stuff is a must. Learning will help to grow your knowledge and business. Every day the new things are arriving. So you must keep updating your skills.

You must have the above 5 essential skills for a virtual assistant job. If you already have the skills you will start applying for the job.

10. Online Survey jobs

Online Survey jobs are short term work. It is very simple to do. Lots of people are doing this work in their free time. You can do these jobs while watching tv, and chatting with your friends. There is no experience needed for this job. Everyone can do this job. But basic computer knowledge is needed to do this job. You can do it from your mobile phone also.

There are lots of fake websites online. You must choose the proper one. To do online survey jobs you must know the details of What is Online Survey JobsWhere to find legitimate online survey jobs

It is very important for choosing a genuine online survey provider. I have posted the Genuine Online Survey Provider

Once you know the details you can start it today itself and earn money.

All the Best!

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