What is Ad Posting Job

Let us first known what is ad posting job. Ad posting job is nothing but posting the advertisement into various classified sites on the internet. You can earn money from your home by simply pasting the advertisement into classified sites. It’s very simple to do and you can earn good money through this job. Each ad posting work will take 30 to 40 seconds. You can do this job by just sitting and watching the TV. You can work at your spare time or full time based on the payment you want.

online Ad Posting job
There are many websites that provide ad posting job in online. At the same time, there are many spam sites also. They will not pay properly and their registration fee is very high and non-refundable. I am not telling all websites are spam. But you have to choose the genuine one.

How much I can earn in Ad posting jobs

It depends on how much time you are spending and how many websites you are choosing for ad posting job. If you post a few ads in a few websites, you will earn less money. Suppose you post the ads for a full day with different reliable websites, then I am sure you can earn 80$.

Ways to earn money online in ads posting  jobs

There are lots of advertisements. There are easy ways to make money in ad posting job and earn more dollars. But all are not true. You have to choose the legitimate way of work like Affiliate marketing.

Before we go into detail about affiliate marketing, first know about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

This is earning commission through promoting other companies’ products. They will provide you commission from their revenue for every sale you make. This process is called Affiliate marketing.

How to earn through Affiliate Marketing

First, you have to sign up as an affiliate. They will offer their products to sell like course material, other electronic item and so on. You can choose your suitable one. They will provide an affiliate link to you. Your job is you have to paste this link into your website or blog or you can send this link through email.

When a customer clicks your link and buys the product through your link you will get a commission. Many people are making money through Affiliate marketing. Some people are making more than 1000 USD per month through affiliate marketing. Popular example for affiliate marketing is Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate

This one is the best affiliate program to earn more money through ad posting jobs. What you need to do is just sign in Amazon Affiliate, You will get a dashboard with products list and sale commission. Pick up a suitable product based on commission. Start promoting it through email or your blog. If you can sell more than 50000 rupees, you can get 10000 rupees as commission. This is one of the ad posting jobs.

Google Adsense

Earning money through Google Adsense is one of the popular and best ways in ad posting jobs. You may see some advertisement on Google. When the user clicks the ad, you can get a commission. For this process you need to set some basic website and then you have to submit your website to Google Adsense for approval. Once you got the approval they will give you a set of advertisements to display on your website. But this is not an easy process to get approval from Google. It’s easy once you got.
Your website needs to have reasonable and good content and topic. You can start a blog also.

Publish sponsored posts on your Blogs

Publishing sponsor’s post is one of the easy ways in ad posing. For this job, you need to have your own blog. If your blog contains good traffic and users, then the advertiser will contact you to post their ads and posts into your blog. Through this you can get good money. For publishing their posts and ads, you have to keep the following things in your mind.

  1. The posting topic need to be related to your blog content
  2. It should not have spam information and links
  3. Through this ads and posts, your reader will get benefits.

So please keep these three things in mind before you accept other’s posts and ads.

Ads in your Facebook page

This is another method of affiliate marketing. What you need to do is you have to log into affiliate marketing sites. They will provide the product links for sales like Amazon, eBay etc. After getting that link, you have to paste into your Facebook page and invite friends to buy the product. You can get a commission from every sale.


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