7 Best Plugins for Blogs in WordPress for Effective Blogging

Blogging is the best and high payable one among the online jobs. There is no limitation for blogging. Comparing the  Micro Jobs blogging is a good part-time job for women. Your work and effort will be converted into money. Blogging is the real way to make money from your home. So I decided to post all the essential details about blogging. In this post, you will know about the top best plugins for blogs in WordPress.  Every WordPress blogger will install the following plugins to run your blogs successfully.

7  Best Plugins for Blogs in WordPress

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Aksimet
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard
  4. UpdraftPlus
  5. Easy Social Sharing
  6. Contact Form 7
  7. Insert Headers and Footers

1. Yoast SEO

Yost-Best-Plugins-for-Blogs in WordPress


First of all our main motive for blogging is to earn money. For earning money we need good traffic. I mean more visitors to our blogs. So that we can make money. To get more visitor we need good SEO.

The Names tell you the purpose of this plugin. It will take care of SEO. Every website and blog must have good SEO. So only we can get good traffic and earn money. Yoast SEO helps rank higher in search engines. This plugin is free of cost for basic use. If you want advanced features you need to go with the premium plan.

Features of the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

  1. It will provide you an invaluable tool to write SEO-Friendly text with the right keyword
  2. This plugin has the features of Readability Analysis. Using this feature it will make sure that you are writing readable and engaging content for both visitor and search engines.
  3. Snippet preview option will show you how your posts or page will look like in the search results

To Get Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

2. Akismet

The second most important part of our blogging is a spam attack. Spammers are using our contact us forms, the comments section for posting spam messages.  If our blog attacked by spammers than definitely, we will be lost our traffic and money. Protecting our website from spam is very very important.

To protect our website from spammer we need to put any one of  Anti-Spam Plugin for wordpress. Akismet is one of the Anti-Spam Plugin.

Feature of the Akismet WordPress Plugin

I already discussed the feature of the Akismet plugin in the post of  Anti-Spam Plugin.

3. Google Analytics Dashboard


Once you started the blog then you need to track your blog. That you must know how many visitors are coming to your blog regularly. This plugin enables you to track your website. It will give you a complete report about the real-time number of visitors, traffic source details. It also gives you data about organic search details, page views, and bounce rate analytics

To get Google Analytics Dashboard

4. UpdraftPlus

Another very important process is the backup. Every website must have a backup. Suppose if the server crashes or any malware we will lose our website. If we have a backup we will reload it easily. Taking back up is not a very big process if we loaded proper plug-in. There are lots of Free WordPress Backup Plugin available. Updraft is one of the backup plugins.

I have posted the UpdraftPluin feature is my post of  Top 5 Free Best WordPress Backup Plugin

5.Easy Social Sharing









Ok, we have done most of the safety work till now using Best Plugins for blogs in wordpress. Now our next job is promoting our blog to social media. For that, we need to share our posts on social media. The plugin Easy Social Sharing helps to share posts to social media.

Features of Easy Social Sharing Plugin

  1. Simple and Beautiful button
  2. Multiple Button Design
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Social share count
  5. Easy dashboard setting

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6. Contact Form 7









Every website must have contact us form to communicate with you. Contact Form 7 plugin will help you to create a contact form and comment form. It will support Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

To get Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

7. Insert Headers and Footers









Finally, Insert Headers and Footers. This plugin is a simple plugin that helps to insert code like google analytics, custom CSS to your WordPress header and footer. No need to edit our theme file of WordPress.

Features of Insert Header and Footer WordPress plugin

  1. Quick to setup
  2. You can easily insert any code such as HTML and javascript at header and footer of your blog

To Get Insert Header and Footer Wordlpress Plugin

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