5 Trusted Websites Where you Get Paid to Read Emails

Among many leisure, hobbies reading is one main hobby that many of them prefer to do. Have you ever wondered, that you can get paid to read emails! Yes, you read it right! There are lots of online jobs for earning.

But get paid to read emails is a part-time job. You can’t earn a large amount. But you can earn your pocket money. Some of the students will like to earn money while studying. This job is suitable for Them and housewives.

There are many websites that pay you for reading emails! Not all are genuine. So I am here to guide you to all those websites that pay you for reading mails and thus you can turn your hobby into a job!!!

get paid to read emails

Before we start let me explain the get paid to read the emails process works.

  1. Firstly you are not paid to read your personal mails.
  2. The websites have collaboration with certain companies that need to publicize their products.
  3. They tend to do it with the help of certain websites which are called Get Paid To sites (GPT). These are loyal websites that pay their members for the kind of job they do.
  4. The company that tends to make its product famous comes and seeks the help of these websites. These websites do it by means of sending many advertising emails, short videos, conducting a public survey, etc.
  5. Members who are registered with these websites take up the surveys or watch the videos or read the sent mails and thereby they earn money based on a number of surveys attended or number mails read.
  6. The most important point to be noted is that you cannot expect a huge amount of money from get paid to read emails. But yet you get a reasonable amount that can increase your pocket money.
  7. Since there are scams everywhere and paying for online works also have many fraud websites that may tend to cheat people so care must be taken before sharing details to the website.
  8. Check for accreditation of the website before starting.
  9. Having said that with no further delay let’s look into the websites paid to read emails. I have listed below some of the well known and legit websites that provide you with various offers and help you to earn better money.

Best websites that pay you to Read Emails


It is an award-winning website that pays its members in various ways. It is A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It pays its members by watching videos, movies, etc. They also offer services as get paid to read emails. It’s actually one of the most active GPT sites in this area, offering a consistent flow of paid emails that can earn you up to a few cents each.


It is an online rewards community where you can earn money for your time and efforts by reading emails, taking surveys, completing offers, referring friends and more! You can also choose to earn points that are redeemable for gift cards, guaranteed paid emails (GPE) and more. It does not charge for registration. And one person can register only once.


This is available worldwide and can be used by people above the age of 13. It is a site that is very much convenient for its members. It gives its members a lot of options to earn money through their site.it gives many offers, deals and cash back options for much online shopping.it also pays around $5 for signing up.


It is a worldwide website that pays its members worldwide. One great advantage of this website is that the money transaction is quick. It pays you either by bitcoins or by cheque. You are allowed to choose your payment method. It also gives an additional 10% amount for the work that is completed by you within 2 days of signing up.


It is one of the well-known websites that provides its members to earn money in many ways. Right now the website is not taking new registrations but they have collaborated with Swagbucks and are giving exciting offers and deals. New users get up to $15 bonus and existing cash rate members get up to $20 bonus.


As I told earlier you can’t get huge money on get paid for reading emails job. But you can earn some money. Please don’t try this job as a full-time job. If you like to earn good money from home without investment you can do Blogging or selling products by online or Earning from Facebook or Affiliate Marketting through youtube and so on. Most important thing. There is a Job called Email Sending Job. Its is totally Scam. They will advertise that 100$-1000$ per day for sending emails. So  please don’t signup that page.

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