5 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Blogging is a good choice of Work from home jobs We can do it as a part-time job or as a full-time job. Lots of people are doing these jobs and earning good money. I have discussed how to start a blog and how much we can earn through blogging in the post of how to start a blog and Earn More Money in 2019.  Ok, let me come to the point.

 Lots of bloggers are facing the issue of spam comments and hackers attack in their blog. Theway2earn.com also affected. So I decided to put this article to help the beginners. 

One of the common problems in blogging is a Spam Attack. So I decided to put this article to help the beginners.  We have to prevent our blog from hackers to post spam messages. Otherwise, we have to lose our traffic and earnings. So we need to protect our blogs by putting  WordPress Anti-Spam plugins. There are lots of Anti-Spam Plugin available for WordPress. I will discuss here the popular and powerful  WordPress Anti-Spam plugins..

Top 5 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

  1. Akismet
  2. WordPress Zero Spam
  3. Antispam Bee
  4. Cleantalk
  5. Cerber

1.  Akismet

akismet-Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress








Akismet is the very popular WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin. This plugin will automatically installed when we install WordPress through default installation. Akismet has over 5+million users. You don’t have to worry about

Akismet WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin Features:

1.      It automatically checks the comments and blocks it if it is spam

2.      You can see the Akismet cleared comments.

3.      Discard feature available to block the worst spam.

Note: This plugin is free only for a personal blog. If your blog is based on business and commercial you have to pay to get an API key.

2. WordPress Zero Spam


WordPress Zero Spam is another popular WordPress anti-spam plugin. It will not ask the API key for installing and activate.

Main features of WordPress Zero Spam anti-spam Plugin:

1.       No Captcha Required and no API key is required to install and activate this plugin.

2.      It blocks 99.9% of spam comments and registration

3.      It blocks the IP address of spammers. They can’t even visit your blog

 Supported Plugins

1.      Contact Form 7

2.      Gravity Form

3.      Ninja Forms

4.      Buddy Press

5.      WPForms

Supported Language


3. Antispam Bee








Antispam Bee is another popular WordPress anti-spam plugin. There is a free plugin and easy to install. It will not requires captcha validation, API keys. Antispam Bee will

Blocks the spam comments and trackback effectively.

Antispam Bee Main Features

1.      It allows trusted comments only

2.      Validates IP Address of Commenters

3.      Antispam Bee will send email to the admin email about spam comments notification

4.      It will automatically delete the spam comments after n days

5.      It has features like Block and Allows commenters from certain countries

4. Cleantalk










Cleantalk is one of a cloud-based antispam WordPress plugin to protect your blog from spam comments. It will not require captcha, puzzles solving, no animal counting. It is a universal Antispam plugin.

CleanTalk WordPress Anti Spam Plugin Features

1.      It will stop Spam Comments

2.      Cleantalk will not allow any spam registrations, Spam contact emails

3.       It will stop spam subscriptions, Spam bookings, spam orders.

4.      Cleantalk will check the existing spam comments and remove it.

5.      Cleantalk is mobile friendly Anti-Spam and Firewall

Cleantalk Plugin Supports

Cleantalk will work in the following forms

1.      Contact Form 7

2.      Contact Form by WPForms

3.      Ninja Forms

4.      Gravity Forms

5.      MailChimp

6.      Formidable forms,

7.      WooCommerce, JetPack comments, and contact form,

8.      BuddyPress,

9.      bbPress,

10.  S2Member,

11.  MailPoet,

12.  wpDiscuz, any WordPress registrations & contact forms and themes

5. Cerber









Cerber is another popular WordPress Anti-spam plugin. It will do security, Antispam, and Malware spam at your blog. It has an Advanced Malware scanner, integrity checker and file monitor. If you have Cerber plugin you no need to worry about any spam comments and malware attacks of your blog.

Main Features of Cerber

1.      You can create a black IP address list and white IP address list to block and allow login from a particular IP address.

2.      You can create a custom login page instead of using default wp-login.php to avoid automatic malware attacks.

3.      Cerber will do integrity checking.  That is Cerber will checks all folders about WordPress’s latest file structure and file whether any changes are made? Because the malware code will add the files and folders directly.  If any changes are made it will automatically notify about the changes and removes malware.

4.      Scheduled scans feature is available at the Cerber Anti-Spam WordPress plugin. Using this option we can configure the schedule to scan the website. It will remove the malware and recover the files based on a schedule.

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