11 ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

Youtube is the second best tool for Making money through online. It can pulse the taste of the people by estimating the videos which are most searched or that has crossed many number of views. Creating a YouTube channel is very simple and free so many have stated their own channel and depending upon their views and subscription they are paid. Do you own a Youtube channel or planning to start one? And are you wondering on how to get views and make your videos popular on Youtube?. Then you have landed on the right place, here are 11 golden ways that can be followed to make your videos popular.


1. Creative content

Content of the video is like the heart of the body.  It is very important thing to be considered and worked on. You need to make your script as creative as possible to make your videos popular over other videos on the same topic. To be creative the content need not be intellectual it can be simple and easily understandable.

2. Catchy title

The next important thing is the title. Title is the first thing that the viewers take a look so the first impression should be the best impression. The title should be impressive as well as appropriate to the content of the videos. Giving an inappropriate title will never help in getting positive feedback.

3. Topics

The topics on which videos are to be made are of two types they are EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT.


While working on educational content one must give facts that are true and genuine. Educational contents should be helpful and the contents are to be understandable. Care must be taken in developing factual contents as there is a chance of misleading the viewers. Educational videos can be question and answer type or can be a lecture that explains a particular concept.


Entertainment includes shopping, cinema, restaurants, tourist places, food recipes, music, dance, drama, NEWS etc. Plagiarism is to be noted in creating entertainment videos. Copying the contents from other videos can never be encouraged by visitors.

4. Multiple Hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords of the video. Giving multiple hashtags can help in improving the viewer’s count. Keywords can be words that are associated with the video content or that are relevant to the video content.

Example: title – Chennai floods

Keywords – #chennaifloods,#save water, #save people of Tamilnadu, #natural calamity, #disaster, #help mankind

5. Reply to Feedback

Replying to the comments for your videos can improve your video viewers list as well as subscribers list. They tend to get connected to your channel when they feel that their comments or their suggestions are being valued.  Also, the owner of the channel should be well prepared to face both positive as well as negative comments. Based on the comments one can understand the need and the taste of the community.

6. Reply to popular video

Youtube gives you an option as like you can give your comments to a popular video in the form of another video in the comment section. This helps in directing the viewers to your video thereby increasing your views. This is a tricky move and hence it should be used only once. Continuously using this can never give fruitful results.

7. Insert videos at the end of the videos

At the end of your video, you can add the starting or hint of another video that is relevant to the previous one. Audience who are engaged in watching the video may also tend to continue by watching the other video that follows.

8. Unique cover image

The cover image of the video plays an important role in the reach of the video. Designing the cover page should include all the images that are related to the content of the video. The image should speak for itself about the content of the video before the viewer could view it. Hence the cover image should be very attractive and sensible.

9. Create polls

You can also create polling on a particular thing and make the audience get involved in the polling and increase the views. The polling should be compatible to the viewer.

10. Promote some company or brand

You can also get associated with any popular brands and include their promotions in your video in the form of cards that pop up in the middle of the video or on the right corner of the video.  Including links of your video in other social media pages can also help in making your videos popular.

11. Create Playlist

Last but not the least creating playlist of your videos can widely help not only your audience but also for you in maintaining your channel. Creating a playlist on a particular topic will help the viewers to watch the videos in sequential order.

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